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But er...

Why are you all still here? Hahahahaha. *cough*

Not that I'm trying to run you off, but I'm just sayin'. IT'S AMNESTY DAY, JUST IN CASE YA MISSED IT.

Just got back from the grocery store (Diane, you'd be proud :D). FYI, for those living near a Publix, it's Green Sticker Day so go out and buy two for one of whatever is in the "get rid of this crap cuz no one buys it anyway" bin :-D

Work is over. I got Kelsey-sick, and came home a little early =/ Won't get in to all that here, so worry not.

It's been intermittently storming ALL FREAKIN' DAY here. It's futile for me to even start ranting and raving about traffic (much LESS the buggy traffic at Publix...ughhHhhhh). Even though we had 275348572895 items, the sweet guy behind the little counter rang us up so we didn't have to wait in the old peepal lines! Yay!

I think Kelsey has a girlfriend spending the night tonight. Yay? O_o

Just got a call from my doctor-thing who has upped my appointment from the 7th to tomorrow. So...I'll be on some freaky, scary, unwanted but necessary pain killer by tomorrow evening. Wish me MUCHO LUCK OR GET OFF MY FRIEND'S LIST. Hahaha. I'm kidding.

Or something.

Time to start dinner. I'd throw some amusing Kelsey convo in here, but I'm too tired.

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