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Cafe La Bastedo

Tonight's faire includes Chicken Tetrazini (with sauteed mushrooms/onions/green pepper, four cheese bake), garlic bread, grilled asparagus, and grilled pineapple for dessert (don't laugh! It's awesome!). Yummyyyyy. I considered making a pineapple upside down cake (and have all the ingredients); just can't decide whether or not I should. I'm the only one who'll eat, YEAH...THAT'S THAT! I bought a HUGE pineapple, and will have plenty for whatever. De-lishimous.

Couldn't help ma-self...

BEFORE we made it to the grocery store, we decided to stop and get ONE MOVIE. Er...there is NO SUCH THING as buying one movie, so I told K to stop me. We ran into one of the spend-the-night girlies and her mom (and chatted for awhile; K with friend - me with friend's mom). I think I wasn't entirely focused, as I stacked DVDs in my arms *cough*. New collection, FYI includes: Mr. Deeds, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Seventh Sign, Pretty In Pink, Fear Dot Com, The Last Seduction (w/Linda Fiorentino...luff her; and since I can't find Jade anywhere, this'll hafta do).

Arghhhh! K should've stopped me!! I did put one back (but am quite sure will add this back to my collection - was one of the videos stolen from storage unit). So I'm proud of myself for showing some modicum of self-restraint *smirk.* In fact, all DAY I've restrained moiself. Don't ax. My dreams are just overwhelming for some reason right now...

The fun shopping didn't stop at the grocery store. Oh no. Just had to have new body washes (they come up with new ones every week...gotta try 'em out!), candles to replenish every room, and tulips (I luff them! They're gorgeous, and looked faux they were so fresh).


So...with just dinner, a snack, regular staples and paper products, my little extras jacked the total up to...well, the dollar amount ain't at ALL right; nor am *I* for getting all that stuff we didn't need. *Note to consumers who shop at Bruno's/Food World: Check the BACK of your receipt; this is the second time I've used a $5 off groceries coupon; that ROCKS! :P Dinner's already cooking, K's asked for private time (which means she's watching a movie, no doubt), and I'm waiting on...yeah. I'm waiting. :) For...oh yeah! The bag on the door! That's it! Another promise! I'm twiddling my thumbs, waiting for that. Right.

Phones have been ringing offfff the freakin' hook. Arghhh! Had to resort to hand's free on my cingular, and was using two at a time for a couple of hours. Arghhh. Rush hour on the air waves. Turns out this is a sehr gut weekend *grin*.

The loverly Ken shows up...

WHY O WHY? Never prefaced with a phone call; always mysteriously appears. This was extra bizarre, because we just happened to stop at a quick mart where he had stopped to get gum (enroute to my place, no doubt). It was actually fun having him tag along. He looks good (yeaaaaaaah baby!), makes ME look good bein' with him, is calm, quiet and I'm muy protected when he's around. And BY GOD, PEOPLE LIKE HIM!! Well, women do...they genuflect when he passes by. Girls, can I get a he-ya-al ye-ah?! Don't you love it when yer guy gets looks from other girls? Heh. Doesn't matter that *I* don't want him. I know -- I ain't rite; but it was his idea! Not mines. Jezzzzz. He's always kinda forced his foot in the door that way. I suspect he's been reading this a little too much; he said he was worried about me, and wanted to see for himself if I was really okay, or just pretending to be. LOL. This makes me question what my other friends think, when they don't see me for a couple of weeks. Anyway, I invited him to stay for dinner; but after that, I'm kickin' him out the door. He's downstairs making work calls right now, so it's all workin' out well. :D Plus, I have kitchen help! Wooooo HOO!

Got rid of the blue line on my television (grrr). I've had to toy with that sucker for at least four hours, and am soooo tired of it doing that. It's virtually a brand new television, the same size as the one in my den downstairs (hugeeee); so by God, I want my picture PERFECT when I'm watching! :::stomps foot angrily::: If it does the blue line thing again, I'm gonna kill it.

Yikes. Too much information revealed precipitously...

K's been inquiring about er, CG lately, and is -- for some mysterious girl reason -- extraordinarily interested in meeting him. THIS makes me nervous. I have my RULE. Then again, she IS getting older, and it might not be the issue I used to think it was. Perhaps I should double-think my 'rule' thing regarding K and others...not sure. But I have no doubt I'll spend the greater part of tonight thinking about it...eeks. I know she'll like him; funny, friendly, open, honest face...playful, intelligent...all the things she finds important. Um-k so maybe I should lighten up on that rule just this once, since CG has also mentioned more than one time meeting K. ACK. Addendum: WHEW. Got her on another subject, and it hasn't been mentioned since!

Hair's growing longer by the minute...heh.

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