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Cuz I'm a lemminggggg like dat.

My doctor-thing has diagnosed me with
Cause:genetic mutation
Symptoms:slightly coagulated blood, REAL bad poetry, insomnia
Cure:Still waiting for science to catch up
Try your luck (or steal THIS ONE TOO...hahaha):

Forgive moi; but I forget who I ganked this from. know it's time to trim the friend's list when you find it hard to keep up. GrRRrr. No; that does not excuse the heretofore-mentioned bad manners of those who snag and run. Just ME. Hahaha. And I have multi-reasons, so bite moi.

Weeeeeeee! ICONAGE. I mean, really, 100? I'm going photo-surfing! That, coupled with the o so very generous photo-hosting gift (you know who you are; but I don't think ya want me announcing it to the world -- but know that I LUFFF YOU for it) will enable me to "represent" with each icon, and also create my own, crappy, homemade set of mood icons (maybe...I love these WITH A PASSION). Shhh...she wants to keep ownership private. But also know who *you* are; and if you read this, and feel like sharing with one other person, hollah at me.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

And THIS is worth $500 to um, I want whomever is bored enough to read this to put your thinking caps on, and "name our software program."

The gist of it: Right now, it's called "OneLink". Clearly, our company is unhappy with that. So...yeah. START GUESSIN' MKAY. I NEEEEEED YA TO!!! I'll share? Something. :-D This is desktop software for quoting new business, specifically. It's a web rater (thus, the contest is named "Name the web rater"). It's new to our company, and is a quoting program that allows, again, brokers and agents the ability to process new business online. So get busy! LOL. We alllll know I need that money BEFORE Kelsey's birthday on the 20th. *whines/begs/pleads* I've been brain-storming with my group, but if *we* come up with it (so far, only *I* have come up with the names), *we* have to split MANY WAYS. And er, I want it for her birthday SO HELP!

Enough groveling for one day. Let's journal traffic shall we? NOOOOOO. I'm soaking WET. I didn't drive home; I oozed here, and poured myself out of the car, both leather-clad feet landing slap-dab in the middle of a DISGUSTING mud puddle. The rest of that horror-drive is best left unjournaled. Ughhhh. I'm just GLAD TO BE ALIVE. AND DRY.

And it's just about that time for me to start cooking deenar. I've not had a bite or snack all day, and am about to start gnawing on my desk lamp. So yeah. That needs to happen. I also need to wash jeans; tomorrow and Friday are casual days for us. Eeeeps.

I had something important to journal (or it SEEMED so, about two hours' ago), but it's TOTALLY gone from my brain files in to never-never-ever land. WTH? I hate that -- when I have something I want to say/remember, and then forget it.


Have I mentioned how much I LURVE my patch? I do. I lurve it. I just wish I'd stop RUINING THEM in the shower. *screams*

Carry on.

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