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War...awwww good God, y'all...what is it good for? Sing it with me.

War quiz, ganked from hollie_is_right

You scored as Ideological War. Questing for global unity, you use diplomacy to spread what you see as superior ideas. Though seen as the "good" war, with the target on ideas rather than people, power, or land, you sometimes struggle to carry out your good intentions and fall into quagmires of misunderstanding. Some Ideological Wars include the Cold War and its offshoots (such as Vietnam and Korea), and the current War on Terror.


Ideological War




Imperialistic War




Nationalistic War


Total War


What Type of War Are You?
created with

I concur with this assessment. ;-)

(No, won't dredge up any war/military quotes, since it's time for me to scrub off/ruin the patch SHOWER TIMEEEEEEEE. ;-D

Be good, place nice and try not to lose an eye or break your neck today.

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