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The "I Love Kelsey" Series of art (plus certificate :D)

Lil Certificate Lil Certificate

The first thing she noticed was that her AGE WAS INCORRECT. LOL.
Blue car Blue car

My favorite (and everyone else's, too) :-D
Green car Green car

Gotta get the side view goin' on...
From the top From the top

What would a pic series be without the aerial view? :-D

*note the basketball in the back seat. Hahaha :-D

And ze artiste:

Bunny Face Bunny Face

Kelsey's bunny face, acting all nonchalant about her winnings. :-D She received a gift certificate for Toys-R-Us.

AWwwwww! Can't see them really well, but ja. SHE'S SOOOO CLEVER!!! :-D

(On an unrelated note is anyone else having problems with the flexible square template?!?! Grrr! *screams)
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