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I *love* those forced to work in customer service :)

Typically, I'm cool (and will defend) those who are being harrassed by the GP and work in customer service.

Today, I feel compelled to update my C.D. collection! And get some really cool keyrings (in my pajamas!).

Wherehouse Music with a *big freakin' smirk, cuz I have the cash, the cool car, the attitude and the DESIRE to be mutually sabotaging*. GO ME GO.

Hey -- my Terrapist told me to 'confront those who treat you badly.' That's precisely what I'm gonna do. Only THIS time, it'll be in PERSON; some of us aren't COWARDS and will -- in a nanosecond -- take you right down quickly if you dick around with us too much, without any personal knowledge whatsoever.

And if anyone else lived closer, I'd go there, too. You shop :) And to speak with the manager (we journalists can definitely pull some serious strings when it comes to anyone in customer service who dares to be an asshole). That's a fact. And since I am, unfortunately, widely recognized, this one will be a no-brainer and o so delightful. Then again, I might just go to see this car wreck who thinks *I* am. Depends on how good I feel (er...right now I feel good just having knowledge *grin*...not to mention the fact that I'm not begging with a coffee cup, and can support my OWN life without poor-mouthing on the internet because I have a life outside of here. LOL.

'Nuff said. I couldn't resist that one. Will keep yas posted on what, if anything, I really DO about it. I feel just showing up will prove MY point.

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