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A face that only genitalsmckool would love...

...cuz not even its mother would...EEPS:


Creepy. It's creepy stuff. That's alls I need to know.

Baaaaad bad bad bad day in so many ways and good in others
I'm not getting in to the bad BAD part of today, but it had me feeling really nervous and ...well, bad. Of course, the stress of the bad compelled me to produce more at work (no, badness had nothing to do with work NOR with LJ...can ya believe it? Heh). Anyway, I was warned by Satan's golf partner my mother that one day, my mouth would get me in trouble.

Mkay she was right about all that.


Hahahaha. Yeahhhhhhh buddy. I won't be saying that um, ever, or again, or never or something. Vestavia and Mountain Brook = two biggest rip-off cities in the universe. Ugh. I swear, there's a cop lying-in-wait at every corner on Highway 31. Grrr. Yeah, yeah, I don't wanna hear the "maybe-this'll-teach-you-a-lesson" speeches if you're reading this crap, because no, it won't. I can't help it, and seriously think I have created my own little DSM IV disorder pertaining to driving and the illusion that being behind the wheel is equivalent to a serious race. I've tried *sobs*. Yeah. So that's that.

Taken' what they're given' cuz I'm werkin' for a livin'
Free pizza and schnacks at work today right in the conference room beside me. Yay. So those who're constantly telling me to gain weight (or making fun of me for NOT being hefty), relax. I had two pieces of pizza and some cheekan wangs barnyard pimp. I've also gotten back up to 110; so if my doctor says it's cool, then IT'S COOL. Fortunately, the patch gives me an appetite. I've noticed that when I'm not in pain, I do eat more, and sleep all night. Of course it makes me a little sleepy during the day, but I can definitely handle that. The pros of it are good enough for me to deal with the very small cons. My goal is to gain up to 125 by the end of the summer (set by my doctor; so thur). I'm working on it. If I wasn't so mortified about YET ANOTHER kidney stone, I'd go back to eating a 1/2 gallon of ice cream every night. Heh. Kidney stones will put the fear of God in ya. Tis a fact. Even childbirth isn't that painful.

Weekend = work
This weekend, I have a TON of housework that needs to be done. *sobs* Gotta call the owner of the condo upstairs, get that repaired, do ALL the rooms in the house (double sob), and laundry. Fortunately, I got in the "time" at work so I don't have to show up at all this weekend. Yays. OH! Speaking of work. Finally! They've hired a good-looking chick. SAY IT AIN'T SO! I swear, I was beginning to think we hired ONLY the er...well, not-so-aesthetically-pleasing ones for some reason, and that the attractive, being the minority, are just there for "show." Hahahaha. PLEASE, GOD, DON'T LET ANYONE I WORK WITH READ THIS. My girlie friends from IT, however, are cute. So is the new girl. She's DEFINITELY more of a redhead than even *I* am, and gorgeous. So if you're a guy and have read this far, yes you'd love her. She's young, thin and a real redhead with good taste in clothing :-D She's also fun/funny to hang out with.

Anyway, so...still haven't figured out HOW to fix the t.v., although *maybe* if I accidentally-on-purpose blow the fuse (as I've done a gazillion times by plugging up my hair-dryer...don't ASK), MAYBE that will work. Because that's how my t.v. got in to this mess to start with. EVERY time I plug that thing up, and it shuts down, for some weird, inexplicable reason, my t.v. volume (not associated with cable or anything else) is ALL THE WAY UP. Which means if you try to turn the volume down or up, the t.v. will shut off. The ONLY way to fix this (which again, I had to learn by playing with the buttons) is to set it from t.v. to cable or video? Uhhhhhhh. *blank stare* Yeah. So I'm going to intentionally sabotage my whole hospitality suite back here in an effort to GET MY T.V. BACK. Right now, it only plays DVDs. *sob* It's a tragedy. Any more watching of Mickey Rourke in his sessay, younger years and I cannot be responsible misbehavior. Iffnyaknowhatimeankthnx.

Kelsey's going to be with her dad this weekend, and is clinging to me like a monkey. Right now, she's all curled up on my bed with her baby blanket. I'm just sayin'. I told her that by NOW, she should've had at least one flying dream, but OH NO. She doesn't want to grow up, and I'm convinced she'll hang on to every scrap of youth she can before giving in. This makes me a lil proud, actually. She's not at all gullible, nor can she be bullied; but she has a structured belief system that holds her steady and confident. For this, I'm thankful and proud :) But I'll miss her this weekend. Especially AROUND THE HOUSE, CLEANING. HAAHAHA. I'm kidding.

Or something. I need a nap.

OMG...she read my MIND. She just popped her head up and announced that she's going to take the garbage out. YAY. Weird, tho...eeps. *stops thinking about er, Mickey Rourke altogether.


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