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Reset the body clock, and let's relive the past 24 hours, shall we? They're playing our song.

MAN. I broke a record (or five) on the phone er, in the past 24 hours. And THEN my body had the nerve to wake me up at 6:30. Oh yeah -- it's gonna be a LONG week, methinks.


Couldn't resist. ;-) Feel free to slap me (er, only one of ya...not the whole lot of yas).

Up till almost FIVE
And it wasn't due to insomnia. Broke a phone record and, nearly 10-year record for phone-a-thon and fun. I shall, however, reserve names to protect the innocent o so deliciously guilty ;-) Oh, come now -- it's not nearly as ominous as it sounds. In fact, it was one of our more interesting/intellectual/enlightening? conversations. But when darkness falls, and you're on the other end of the phone with a really sexy voice, the wind is blowing softly through your window, the tree frogs are chirping, and you're in some comfy-to-no jammies, you can't be responsible for what you say or do ;-) :D I'd be remiss if I didn't add that today -- despite the HORRIFIC week that just passed and er, tomorrow -- I feel...happy and relaxed. My oh my...

But did I sleep in? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I have so much to do today, and should take bets on whether or not I'll accomplish even ONE of these things. The poor carpet guy is BACK at the complex, working on someone else's unit. I'd hate to have his job. Then again...

Grazing through the night
So what do ya do when you're on the phone with um, your crush-turned-not crush-turned-crush again? You eat. And eat. And THEN you rehydrate ;-) I think I went through three, full meals during the span of that conversation. LOL. This morning, I'm oddly full, but REALLY need to make a store run. This is a good thing. Never go grocery chopping when you're hungry because you'll buy way too much, most of which will ruin. I'm afraid what *I* crave isn't at Publix. I'm seriously resisting the urge to write really bad poetry once again; and if you're reading this, you can thank me later.

Miss me yet?

LJ Style, and lack thereof
AGAIN, I employed my favorite style this morning (since it's groovin' with MSIE); however NO. It won't allow me to post my links, and isn't really user-friendly. Not many options. There are even more options now, however, and so with my "hidden" journals, I'm going to play with a couple in an effort to get that side of my brain high-functioning in preparation of today. In fact, the aforementioned conversation dealt with some of that. Hmm. Okay. I'm getting off the phone subject, lest I go too far in an open entry.

So, right. LJ has some groovy new options, Imma gone check 'em out and see if they're a wee bit more friendly than my favorite *sniff.* I'm disappointed that my fave doesn't fully work for me. It really DOES look more like a diary, which is the overall feel I want this to have since I'm one of those die-hard-lifetime-journalers.

Yeah, so, okay here we go again with the phone call BECAUSE...
Once AGAIN, by virtue of the fact that I spoke with this particular person, I woke up to this HUGE BARRAGE of -- YOU GUESSED IT! -- Myspace people, messaging and friending me. Are they advertising right now or what? And OMG. While going through my comments/messages/cleaning out myspace "friends" it dawned on me that one who I 'trashcanned', with horror, that he is a guy I went out with twice last year is hitting up on 16-year-old girls. He seemed like a nice guy (who I DIDN'T KNOW) when he commented then added me. Never trust anyone without a REAL face on the internet. They use "icons of images" or no images for a REASON. Usually, it's to HIDE something. Ugh. I felt sick when I saw that. Kelsey would be the #1 reason. But then, I thought how...deceptive he is. I read through his profile (since I figured it was he [he gave himself away by being too cocky and RENAMED himself]), and thought "HOW FRAUDULENT?!?!" There should be a way to "police" people like this one. Um...I guarantee that WOMEN would be...sorely disappointed if/when they met him; much less girls in HIGH SCHOOL. Do these type people really think that OTHERS believe their bullsheize?! I'm curious. WHY do people feel so compelled to perpetrate a tremendous fraud when there's nothing but disappointment to gain in the end for everyone? The scenario is so poignent: He hooks them online with a few "cleverly-stated phrases"; arranges to meet them; finally DOES; some *may* give him benefit of doubt, when SEEING him and realizing "errr...he's NOT AT ALL THAT" and give it a slight chance, NOW counting on his intellect; then, becoming totally repulsed when, at the end of the evening (or after say, two short dates) they realize he's not only unattractive, but not intelligent, either. To make it worse, he double-speaks, lies, manipulates and for no good reason other than to attempt to make himself *seem* attractive in bizarre ways; and expects others to BUY it. These are the type people who make others jaded about appearance (or lack of "real" pictures) on the net versus reality. I'd think that type of tomfoolery would've stopped by NOW.

I just deleted FOUR HUGE paragraphs about another issue. Pretty glad I did that. Some things are best saved for private journaling.

I will say that I feel it's ridiculously STUPID to create a facade just to try and make friends. Be who you are. If you're a broke-ass, then you are. LOL. If you're sad? Ditto. Something like that.

Note to whomever was bored enough to read this far #1: If I'm cryptic I have good reasons to be.

It's a gorgeous morning (for many reasons, weather included), but I have no doubt I'll be basking in my own juices by high noon. LOL. I'd rather be hot than cold anyday (well, as long as that freakin' patch doesn't kick in to overdrive and I don't *gasp* I do know that I can't afford to be nodding off all day.

Er...if you IMed me and I ignored you, it wasn't on purpose (you know who you are). Didn't even see ya/hear ya until I was back here. Don't hate the playa -- hate the game. ;-) Hahaha. The "O LET'S SEE IF TERRI WILL IM TODAY" game, since we all know I'm the queen of super-stealth.

Back to today. Need to get quarters at the store, too. This makes the fourth roll I've had to get, then used for sodas/water and crackers in the machines at work. GOTTA STOP THAT. What a horrible and potentially long-term EXPENSIVE habit!! Am I gaining weight because of it? NO. GEEZ. Today I'm going to brave the patch falling off and go swimming. I'm already sunburned, so I'll slather up and hope for the best. Kelsey will be home after dinner, so taking an au naturale dip is out of the question tonight. :)

...and really, I wished I hadn't woken up alone this morning. I gave that a LOT of thought first thing. The other thoughts about this will remain locked up, in privacy. ;-)

Okay. No time to dwell here. Gotta hit the ground running, and I'm not accomplishing a thing hanging out here. If you need me today, call the celluoid (for those who have it and/or need/want me).

As you were.

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