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One for sorrow; two for mirth; three for a wedding; four for a birth.

It is sooooOOOooooo hot out there, that I think the first level of SKIN was ready to roll right off my body by the time I got home. And the air was on full blast. Geeez. We can't take much more of this crap.

This is the last week of summer fun for Kelsey and I =/ I'm really bummed about that, since I've had to work each day, leaving her to pretty much entertain herself. I have, however, gone in literally at the CRACK of dawn just so I could be home early for her, and be all mommy-ish and stuff. Still...I feel like she and I have been cheated out of serious time together =( Don't need to dwell on all that. I should look on the bright side -- pretty soon, I'll be getting up with the rest of the world. Weeeeeeee.


Right. So I was going to stop by Brookwood on the way home, since she called and asked me to get the next three LS books for her, but I sawwwwww that line to the parking deck. HOW FAST did my car veer in to the center lane to avoid that crap? Yeah. It was that fast. So she'll wait for those lil books. Just sayin'. Traffic + shopping = VERY UNHAPPY TERRI. So I bee-lined for home, and alas. We can't go swimming as planned due to er, girly reasons that shall remain unnamed (but do they really HAVE TO BE?). Still, I'm going to make her favorite for dinner, and play some games with her, as soon as I get this lil piece of business out of the way.

Seems like I'm working backwards on today. OH OH. FINALLLLLLY, 280 has ALL THREE LANES OPEN. YAYYYYYYYYYYY. JESUS CHRIST, I WAS HAPPY. It's about freakin' time. So you know, with them CLOSING two lanes (both north AND south bound) for what? MONTHS? I would've expected them to be expanding. HELLZ no. There ARE no extra lanes. GrrRRrr. Still, my trip home will be TWICE as fast now. I get all kinds of nervous when I have to sit still in le carro, thinking it'll run hot (even though I PMS that sucker like crazy these days). So going TO work was fast, also. But each morning, a sheriff is lying-in-wait right between here and work. I speed up really fast until I *almost* get to his spot; then I down shift, and cruise by, acting all innocent until I'm out of his radar. Heh. It works like a charm. So yay for traffic getting a LITTLE better. And parking early is always a good thing. :D

This morning, I was running WAY LATE. I've got to catch up on seriously lost sleep, but don't seem to be able to. Bleh. Nothing worse than hopping out of bed to realize that you've not only ignored two alarm clocks, but FOUR. I missed my own traps. Yeah, my hair was SOAKING wet when I got in. Heh. I was tempted to drive with the top down on my way, but figured that windblown look REALLY doesn't suit me. So I finger-flipped it until 7-ish. :-D Now I look like Shirley Temple. It's frightening.

Today went by QUICKLY. I was soooooo busy I had no time to think, much less brood/worry/etc. like I normally do. I love days like today. IF...IF...

Today's the day
Hojo died two years' to the day today. =( That's the first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning. Already got my dedication thing going for him (if it seems obscure, it is because I want it to be mkay?).'s sad. I won't go over all of that again. I swore I wouldn't when he died, so...yeah. =/

Sometimes, things just force you to believe in the hereafter. At least for me, they have. And maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones.

So...other than that, nothing goin' on worthy of mention (except for PSYCHO E-MAIL which I'm not even giving a *nod* to). UNREAL. LET GO, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. YOU'LL LIVE WITHOUT ME, I PROMISE.

Mhm. Mkay. Since I've said much about nada, I think I'll make my lil exit.

Er...for those who um...enjoy salads, please remember that this entry was brought to you by the CIA, and WE DON'T TALK ABOUT ALL THAT IN POLITE COMPANY, KTHNX.

Scoot-a. That's Italian for LEAVE.

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