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50: My magic and safe number :D

Having gotten that out of the way, it's time to use the ole diary AS a diary. I'm afraid Kelsey's gonna sleep today away (or at least REALLY late), and we'll go through all kinds of crapola doing her clothes thing. Also, received an e-mail from a life-long friend who asked if "I'd gotten the 'present for no reason'" in the mail.

Er, no. Looks like I'm going to have to call five-oh again. Was wondering why my snail mail was slowing down. FIGURES. She'd sent er, something helpful for right now particularly. So we're tracing it (the contents; not the mail).

I've always said "no more than 50" on the list, but let it get WAY out of control. Maybe it's because right now, I'm surfing the crimson. Still -- 50 is "manageable", and I LIKE 50 on my list. The rest I'm just getting to know. Too risky for a journal, I'm thinking. Of course if I was stupid, and made this a political wait. I'd create a NEW journal for that, because it wouldn't BE a journal then; it would be me TRULY being an idiot and honestly thinking I might influence everyone on my list to believe the crap *I* do. Hahahaha. :) Scratch that thought process.

Although I do feel this turning in to a me versus 6 Apart OR Live Journal thing if it gets any worse, I know the antagonist. But when others are influenced more by an antagonist who's an idiot, armed with NO real information, then they ain't yo friends. There's a reason why programmers save all those malicious viruses on a diskette, doncha know. LOL :) Just sayin'...

Today is NOT gonna be pretty. I HAVE to take Kelsey to BV (and she's looking forward to it in her journal update), and the weather's all wishy-washy. Physically, I *shouldn't* as this is the most dangerous time for me, and I've been warned by the doc. Meh. Some things must be done despite all this. No time like the present. Now, if I could just get her out of bed, we'd ALL be doing good around here.

And I've STILL neglected to make *that* entry. Again, I have to rearrange filters based this time on judgment. Ehhh, I don't trust my judgment today, so maybe three people on the whole list will read. Hahaha.

Got a call this morning also from my girlie group. They're cooking out this afternoon, but a little too far away for my comfort level. While I'd love to hang out with cow-orkers after hours (mkay, not LOVE but it would be fun), I think I'll hold out on this. The whole group will be our IT section, so it'll be crowded. Hm. It's good, though, to have options. I asked one of them why they lived THERE and worked here in Birmingham. She explained it's because of the money HERE (at this co. in particular). She could never make 1/2 that where she lives. Soooooo why not just move to Birmingham? *scratches head*

PLUS we have to go to Publix. Boooooo. Grocery AND real shopping are guaranteed to make me all kinds of harried by the end of the day. Driving in this little triangle is...just unreal; but having to actually WALK AROUND SHOPPING is the worst thing ever. Besides a root canal.

Kelsey's Sims house is shaping up beautifully. She really *should* consider architecture. I'm very, very tempted to introduce her to some of the best I've ever met who happen to live here in town, back in the days when architecture was my "beat." FK would be a good one. He's AWESOME. I can spot his designs by walking in to someone's office immediately. There's something to be said about all that. Or maybe I'll just go back and reread The Fountainhead. Heh. In that field, she can employ her creativity WITH her analytical and problem solving skills, along with her math genius. I think she'd be VERY happy. Will see about all that. I shouldn't think so far ahead; but watching her create, and do it so well, makes me feel even more that she should pursue this type thing. Encourage. Not coerce.

I'm going to actually make a big breakfast, since that's really the only "gentle" way to lure her out of bed. Nothing's being accomplished now by she or I. So ja. I'm outta here. :)

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Woo. Are we having fun yet? :-D

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