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Cock-a-doodle-hair-do and its Roostermobile

Rooster Boy in his Redneck BMW

BAAAAA HA HA HA HA. So, while eating out, in walks a guy who...probably should've gotten a mullet instead of that rooster do he had going on up top. If roosterboy hadn't made such an issue of staring I might not've noticed. But oh no...he had to be rude, and stared, stared, stared. LOL. I made CG spew chunks of food when I mentioned him (I made you loooook, I made you loooook...heh). He won the 'funny contest', when he commented: "It's no coincidence he's facing east." I think my chunks were bigger, and since I was sleep-deprived, didn't stop laughing until we were well home (and even then, I think I't quite remember). When we walked outside, I spotted it -- the convertible Camaro. ROFLMAO. Yessssss, 10 to one says it was the roostermobile. LOLOLOL. You had to be there. The wind was whipping up my skirt/coat, completely freezing outside, but was well worth that observation/laugh. And what's this? A KFC cup?! Right outside Outback?! Nooooooo! He escaped from chicken prison. :) Heh.

The rest of the story is going to be saved for my eyes only, since it is definitely one worth or something. Woah.

Didn't even get dressed before the fargin' two-way started going off with co. pres. asking questions about...stuff this a.m. WHAAAAAT. I'm salaried. Gonna start turning the ole cell off when I leave that place (ok, I can't DO that -- or shouldn't -- but I'm seriously thinkin' about it). There has been a change in leadership/ownership; so everyone's frenetic. I am not, however, as I hold the keys to the one basket of eggs the co. has dropped itself in to. Note to entrepreneurs: Nevah put all eggs in one basket!

Anonymous Note: Oooo I came THAT close to just tearing the roof off that sucka. But deleted the entire passage, and thought: "Truly, ignorance is bliss."</i>

You should be thanking God and son Jesus that I didn't go any further with this one. The proof's in the puddin' darlin'. :) Heh. I said puddin'. ;-) And that's all I'll say about that. Ask "him". :) He might be able to clarify some of your woefully sad misgivings. Notice how this isn't anonymous?! :) I'm cool like that.

Note to self: Practice that napkin-grabbing thing with your feet more often when eating out in a public place. Tis muy exciting. You can get away with little acts like this when you're in mostly black and it's dark. Heh.

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