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GAWD, set me free from this brush and texture fixation *sobs*

Ehh, so you want some art? Here is an example of me, going overboard...

It started as a hobby... It started as a hobby...

...which quickly turned from art to obsession... ...which quickly turned from art to obsession...

...and now I am in its possession... ...and now I am in its possession...

...and it won't let go of me. ...and it won't let go of me.

But fear not, gentle reader, because the end of this is near... But fear not, gentle reader, because the end of this is near...

...and I have but one more frame left till... ...and I have but one more frame left till...

I'm offically outta here. I'm offically outta here.

...for now, anyhoo.

And the rest of the day.

What can I REALLY SAY about today? So much going on, and ZERO time nor energy to update. Yeah, yeah, I've exhausted all creative efforts in creating icon-sized brushes, and will do even more. That doesn't INCLUDE the fonts I've uploaded. Eehh. I need a Mac. If there's one thing a Mac is good for, it's graphics. No, two things: graphics and sound. I think I'm killing my computer slowly but surely with swatch overload.

These afternoon storms are KILLING me. One minute, it looks like the end of the world is near. Torrential downpours with O SO FRIGHTENING lightening, and then BOOM; not a cloud in the sky and the sun's shining. MOTHER NATURE IS SO CRUEL, AND SHALL BE SENT TO TIME OUT.

Blue makes a difference and medical schtuff
Umhm. YAY! Got my sleeping meds/relaxation (whatever) from the victor alpha and yay, they've gone back to the blue ones. So much more effective than the green. I don't care what *anyone* says. There's a huge difference. I need to try to extend this patch for an extra day. Ughh. Not going to be fun.

Icon-makin' is becoming a WAY OF LIFE
GOD, I NEED A MORE...UM...HAPPY SOCIAL LIFE. Something (*cough* won't say what/who/where/when/how/why*) made me think -- quite long, actually -- about my "intimate" social life, or lack thereof. It's TIME. I've GOT to quit this hand's OFF thing, and go for it. I don't want love, baby, and I don't wanna ring; just give me that hot and angry thing. Hahahaa. Note to self, #152: Never consider writing lyrics. Ever. And NO I'M NOT HIDING THIS ENTRY. I don't even want a BOYfriend. Just...plain old gratification, wherein he gits OUT when I got mine. Hahahaha. C'mon. We're all adults here. It's part of life, and if you've read this far, chances are YOU need to be taking one for the team, too. Umhm. Judge not...and all that. So I'll be eenie-meanie-minie-mo-ing here in the none-too-distant future, carefully choosing my mate, one little task. >:) MEN DO IT. SO THAT'S THAT. I'll expound further perhaps in a friend's only or private entry...

Power outage
OKKKKKKKKKKAY. Again, the power went out four times in the past couple of hours. This means I have to *trick* my television in to working. I'm NOT HAPPY with the power company at all right now. Not only did I lose a huge chapter I had almost completed, but I actually liked it. (I say this, of course, now that it's gone...heh.) Still. It's RIDICULOUS when our power goes out every time a speck of rain falls, a gust of wind breezes through my windchimes, or the sky gets dark before nighttime. It seems like that's what happens. SICK OF IT. No more cold showers!!!

Er. That sounded all kinds of bad-wrong.

What're you SMILING at?!
Alright. Something really weird is going on at work. There are people with whom I *barely* pass in the hallways who are making it a point to acknowledge me, and go one step further -- look at me as if we're lifelong buddies. While this is sweet, it yanks on the corner of my self-imposed deadlines. GrrRRr. A social chameleon, I'm not one to "mingle" at work. I can fit in, of course, with "my group" but that's only for a scant few minutes during the day. Otherwise, I like to be lefted alone. I'm still in awe of the SIU chica. She's soooooo cool. Yay for cool chicks!

Sleep is in order now, methinks.
Ja, I've rambled on and on and didn't even address issues that I'd planned on. GEEZ. I can't believe how I duck and cover in open journal entries as if what I have to write or say is super secret NATO informatoin. Shuh. I think the "stalkers/lurkers/etc." creep me WAY out, so much so that I bite my tongue until it bleeds whilst updating.

And that, my friend, is no way to journal.

And THIS is my cue to exit. I'm tired, hungry and need a serious headrub. PLEAAAAAAASE? I'll love ya forever... :-D :D Heh.

Er...tole you not to go, but you deed, main.


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