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Eh? My handwriting results. BAHAHAHA.



Left margin:

Looks like you're always ahead of yourself! Your wide left margin indicates that you put the past far behind you. Are you running away from something or just embracing the future? Either way, you manage to jump into new things without looking back.

Right Margin

What's it like living in the future? Your narrow right margin reveals that you've got no time for today. Ambitious, spontaneous, and adaptable, you forge ahead without any hesitation.


Whoa there, take it easy! A heavy slash is indicative of a harsh personality. You don't allow yourself to get close to many people, and your potentially abrupt manner can sometimes be off-putting.


But that's not in the rulebook! Writers who hug the baseline tend to play life by the rules, although other indicators think you value adventure and excitement over security and stability. Not always, however. Pragmatic and particular, your life is always kept in control and running smoothly.


Don't forget to breathe. An extremely straight baseline shows that you're a person who keeps emotions under strict control. You strive to impose order on everything you do. This quality makes you great at setting and achieving goals. But be careful. Don't get so focused that you forget to stop and smell the roses.

Slant Lines

I think I can! I think I can! I think I can! Upward slanting baselines indicate eagerness and optimism. You're an ambitious person and a positive thinker.


Quick! What's 2 plus 2? T bars that connect to other letters point to a sharp intellect and a resourceful person.

Slant Letters

You're warm and approachable. A right slant indicates a general penness and ease of expression. You're probably very in touch with your emotions and aren't afraid to let them show. People enjoy your easygoing nature and admire your sincerity.

Alrighty, then. Enough entries for today.

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