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Just when life starts straightening out or something.

One word:


Alas. I am torn.


Looks like we'll be getting together "just to talk" either today or tomorrow. I'm not nervous, uncertain about DH now, because let's face it -- no one ever beats Boyscout in the game of life. Ever.


*runs away*

P.S. (while I'm still thinking about it) to fruitloop #2: WTH? What...ARE...YOU...TALKING ABOUT??

I swear, the NEXT instant message I received in the middle of the night from...(can't remember the full sn) WmnHtr, or something-hater, read: "I'm a fruitloop now?" Implying that YESTERDAY'S P.S. was about him (because I always ignore that screen name...hahahaha). Unreal.


You WEREN'T a fruitloop, but because of last night, you've now made an entry in to my journal. I BET YOUR LIFE FEELS SO MUCH MORE COMPLETE NOW, DOESN'T IT? Bet I just made yer whole day.



*puts both of those on the "Back to England" list for Thanksgiving*

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