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Bah! Of course ;-)

Shamelessly ganked from gbcrush:
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Link: The Lover Style Profile Test written by donathos on Ok Cupid

But of course *snort*

EEEEEEEKS. School was out at 2 today, and our company is officially on weather-whateverness. The condo won't be worked on tomorrow as scheduled (thank GOD), and I'm staring at -- of all things -- a rainbow. :-D

I'm actually in full-on pain right now, which is surprising, considering the miracle patch. GADS MY LEGS HURT. >:I I want to take a REAL HOT bath, but am afraid -- due to the position of the new patch -- it'll come off, or be breached because of the heat and moisture. *scream* If they hurt any worse than they do now, however, I'm going to have to. That, or end up in the freakin' E.R. Not good. I have a feeling this storm is going to be WRETCHED. And I've always loved a good storm. =/ Would be a shame if THIS ruined THAT. Or something.

I'm ready for bed. I think the smartest thing would be to take advantage of this lil me time, and wrap/prop the legs up, get some sleep and PRAY it goes away. We're uncertain as to whether or not we'll work tomorrow. I'm just hoping the condo keeps power because if it doesn't, I'M SO NOT STAYING HERE AND I MEAN ITTTT. Not another night of hot, sticky misery.

Hm. And I thought I was in a good mood. RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

I'm not gonna feel all weirded out
...about writing in my journal, so I'll write. Today, one of my cow-orkers brought in okra from her garden. YUM. Fresh okra (she's the cucumber chick, also). The bag is HUGE, so I'm thinking about going to the Farmer's Market (yeah...gonna hold my breath on that one), and gathering veggies to freeze soup. I still have the ole family recipe, and YUMMM. So good during the winter. Last night, I was near-starved, until I beeched enough. Of course, McChicken came to the rescue (hahaahaha!) even after I TOLE HIM NO.

Right now, my stomach's burning.

Gawd, I'm a drag today. I didn't wake up this way, nor did I behave this way at work. Did my usual thang with DH and the gossip grows thicker. Eyes cut to us now each time we're together, and it's almost like the whole company knows more about *us* than *we* do. We're recognized as a freakin' couple and we're NOT ONE. It's not really odd, however, since I don't EVER see anyone in our company consistently mingling with an "obvious" opposite-sex member.

Which is also odd, since newsrooms -- my traditional environment -- tend to resemble er, Greek orgies. *cough*

Yeah. So that's all kinda weird. Maybe we're just more comfortable together and people see it? I dunno. Nothing's been next-leveled (unless conversation counts), and if anything, we act more like brother and sister (or best friends). We've even resorted to name calling, and poking fingers in each other's food.


Hahahahaha. Yeah. That. No more needs to be said.

I have plenty to journal; it just needs to be saved for another place, and private, methinks. Discretion, even when it comes to how I feel, is the better part of valor or something.

I feel like crap, I'm in great pain, and grrr. I really should resist the urge to NOT journal when I'm like this, but do need to keep a lil history of medical stuff. The power is also about to go out, since we've been experiencing brown-outs for about an hour now. Ughhh. So we outta hur.

Oh yeah - the tip of my tongue is numb?! WT...

Eh? BYE.

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