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Reform is born of need, not pity...

...No vital movement of the people has worked down, for good or evil; fermented, instead, carried up the heaving, cloggy mass.

That's all I'll say about current affairs right now, as I've discussed it all in great depth IRL and in private journal entries. We've taken two tubs of old toys and games (in almost mint condition) to the BJCC. Heartbreaking. Kelsey was a trooper. I was so proud of her.

Up at 4...WHHHHHHY?! Yeah, there's that. So I got busy doing laundry, of all things. I took a huge dent in that, and feel good about it. My brush obsession once again reared its ugly head (or desire to busy up my icons to the point of being DISGUSTING), so in between loads, ja. That's what I did. All my whites are done. YAY! 10:30, no sign of my little one, so I continued photoshopping. By 11, however, that was IT. I went and got her outta bed. We had to do a TON of grocery shopping accomplished. I *almost* got one of those grown-up lunch-box thingies (with matching cup), so that DH doesn't eat alone whilst I watch, nursing my Sprite. *blink* I resisted the urge.

OMGWTHHHHH. Today was the most I've ever spent on so very few grocert items. YIKES. Kelsey was in superior form for the "Let's See If We Can Break Spending Records At Da Sto", while I picked up necessities (like Nyquil gel caps...hahaha). We're cooking out tomorrow, and I'm making my uber-secret white mushroom sauce for the steaks, and mixed pasta and grilled veggies with it. Ummm. Tonight, I made poppyseed chicken. SHE LOVED IT. SHE WANTS SOMETHING. UMHMMM. Anyway, I have plenty of leftovers, half of which will be frozen and one serving to bring for lunch. I REALLY AM A DORK. It was incredibly awesome, however. I'm impressed wit my own bad seff. :-D

Girl stuff. The rest of the day was spent doing girl things for Kelsey. Hmm. Something's up. I did her eyebrows, "fake-tanned" her, and am now preparing her for a manicure and pedicure. WHAT? I think the whole play thing has gone to her head. Heh. That, or she's turned UBER HIGH MAINTENANCE overnight. She's not the kind of kid who whines until they get what they want; she NAGS. LIKE A WOMAN. Hahaha. She's all "Don't forget etc. etc. etc." Over and over and over until I'm FORCED to keep that promise. We also found a ton of clothes I bought while living in Europe. She found some cool clothes/shoes in there, and is going to use either the fabric or the clothes. Neat. :-D I've always said, buy well the first time...

So I'm curious as to why she's not only being cooperative, but actually *encouraging* me to do things she'd normally say '"no, but THANKSSSSS." That always makes me feel like some kind of girl or mom-loser. Hmm. She's vying for something. I can feel it. I asked her point blank, but oh no. She claims it's because she missed my company during the storm. I almost cried.

Until the purple hair subject arose. Yeahh buddy. She wants purple "highlights" in her hair. She said it didn't matter as long as it was purple or blue. *blink* Allegedly, this is for Halloween. But I'm thinking it's not NEARLY time to consider THAT. I'll go along with it. Whatever makes her feel good.

Thinking, thinking way too much.
While sewing (did a lot of that, too), ironing, laundry and cooking, I had WAY too much time to think about a lot of things which deserve serious attention. Nothing was resolved, of course, and none shall be journaled openly. So stupid that one has to censor themselves because of readers. The BEAUTY of the weekend is that NO ONE READS. Heh. Fact.

And before I forget, Note to self #197: Don't forget to write about *that* dream.

I'm tired, and we're going to watch Konstatine. So I need to get outta hur. I'm getting bomboed on YAHOO (even though MY AWAY MESSAGE READS: EATING DINNER), which is BEYOND rude, and am about to go postal. Gr. Ooo, I do have art, but need to photoshop it. UM. MORE. LOL.

*Madcox is angry because I continue rambling on about shiite no one on the planet cares about, yet they read ANYway.

Could I have made any *more* typos whilst falling asleep writing this?! LOL.

Eh! Ganked shamefully from imperfectbrat:

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Carry on.


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