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It's official...

I now consider myself the Jean-Michel Basquait of Busy Iconisms 2005. If I get any MORE busy with my icons, we'll be married. And that's a frightening thing.

Let's get this entry started right *dances.* So this morning, while on Yahoo looking for...someone? I think? Anyway, this mysterious name IMs me:

He: I have a question -- were you at the Colonnade this past week, and the week before?

Me: UM. WHO ARE YOU?! No profile, no photo...bye.

He: You know me. Remember when you first got divorced? I'm *name withheld to protect him* the banker. I found your Yahoo profile, and knew immediately it was you.

Me: Ummm...didn't we date? LOL.

He: Yes, we did, but you disappeared or something.

Me: Where did you see me again?

He: I've been thinking about you a LOT LATELY. But I saw the guy you were with. You're obviously a couple and you look good together.

Me: *mental eyeroll*

The rest of all that conversation will be withheld, mainly because it's boring. So. This guy I dated when I was FIRST DIVORCED who used to work for AmSouth not only sees me walking out to the fountain with DH every day during lunch, but knew it was me after ALL THESE FREAKIN' YEARS. I *wondered* why that table was openly gawking at us last Friday. Now I know. GREAT. This proves my theory that I am *never* growing up, even though I try. Yikes. So we caught up on "now" and I politely left it with "I have someone, but that's sweet of you to think of me," and he RUINED it by saying "Oh, the thoughts I have about you are um [delete sexual innuendos here] hehehe." GrRRrrr. Yeah. So JUST WHEN I THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE and I was in an environment where I knew NO ONE, this guy I dated works in the building across the lawn, and recognizes me. OMG. SO FREAKIN' WEIRD. That he actively searched is...also a little weird. I didn't see him that long, nor were we serious. Yikes.

What about BOB?!
BOB! YOU LEFT ME!! HOW COULD YA?? Bob left. I didn't think he'd enjoy El Jay, BUT my friend's list really missed out on a good read by not checking him out. That'll teach ya (if anyone's bored enough to read). I was saddened to see that line drawn through his name, knowing he was abandoning this one in lieu of that other one. Ah well. I don't blame him, really. Something *could've* happened, some evil commenter who hates me and decided to take it out on HIM, since he's known me longer than anyone. You'll be missed, Bob. *sob* Sob for Bob.

Not going in to details about volunteering at S.H. today. Very sad news =( Enough said.

About last night...
Wow. Had one of the most captivating conversations in IM chat history which, until about 3 a.m. (thus the no sleep thing). I was literally about to pass out, but didn't want to leave him.

OMG. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? That was rhetorical. So no, don't answer it, as I know WHAT/why/etc.

Oh, my. :-D That's all I'll say about that.

DH, flying the not-so-friendly skies on a jinxed day
THANK GOD no planes have crashed. I admittedly have been slightly worried for him, knowing he was to fly out for Dallas today and not returning until ... I think Wednesday? Yeah. Today is not a happy flying day. I only hope he made it without any major breakdowns. AND YIKES...I HAVE TO GO TWO DAYS WITHOUT HIS COMPANY!!! NOESSS!!! Yeah. So that's that.

I had all kinds of plans for yesterday, which were shoved in to today; since I'm so sleepy, NOTHING got done. Yay me. O_o Gads. Tomorrow night, I have to deal with my clothes. GrrRRrr. Not looking forward to that.

Observation of Robert DeNiro I the only one who's noticed that in his most recent movies throughout the past five or so years, Robert DeNiro is always hanging out in his/a kitchen, cooking pasta? WHY IS THIS? Do the screewriters just say "HEY, HE'S ITALIAN, HE LOOKS LIKE HE COULD BE A MOBSTER AND A COOK, SO YEAH ... BRING ON THE MEATBALLS"?? Just saying, it's WEIRD. The movie I saw today -- Hide and Seek -- was SORELY lacking, even with Dakota what's her face AND all 57328573289 "alternate endings." I started rewriting in my head before it was 1/4 of the way into the thing. THAT'S never a good sign.

And I've STILL not managed to stay awake for all of "Constantine.
I don't think it's in my destiny to see this movie. LOL. Men only thought Keanu Reeves was a horrible actor before; but THIS movie REALLY shows his non-acting skills, plus he looks SO OLD. EWWW. Not cool. I could be a little harsh, but still...that's how I saw it. I give up trying to watch that one. It's karma, baby.

JUST SAY NO to anymore Paint Shop Pro stuff
I'm officially MORE addicted to learning masks, vectors, text, selection tools, brushes, gradients, etc. etc. than I've EVER BEEN to either Live Journal OR my former favorite game, Word Riot. It's so sad. As a result, I have these amateur looking icons that're so sad, they remind me of "ghetto Basquait", only I'm not getting rich like he did, don't have HUGE canvases with which to work, nor Andy Warhol being my best friend.

Because if I had all that (and was black, too) right now I'd be SO SO SO WORLD FAMOUS. Hahahahaha. Me and my craptoid icons. And I just can't HELP myself. One day...oh yesssssss, one day, my pretties, I'll come out with a DECENT ICON, one which will make everyone "oooo" and "ahhh" over.

Or maybe after I die, I'll become famous because of my haphazard icon-making ways. Something like that. Unlike Basquait, I'm gonna pass on the heroin overdose thing.

I've dug out more than 2,000 images (no joke) from this computer alone searching for "cool images" to turn into obscure, freaky icons. INTERVENTIONNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

I DID clean my mouse balls, which were so clogged up the insides looked like a teenage-boy's belly-button. It was frightening. Now it's smooth as can be. Gotta figure out the trick to volumizing this freakin' t.v., too, since I had an emergency power shutdown earlier. GREAT. FINE. I'm most appreciative, however, that no one decided to take cheap shots while I was gone. Feel free at this point to TRY and justify what you're saying; I warn ya, though, taint gonna work.

Alrighty. I need to get clothes ready for tomorrow, return a few phone calls, and do what I always do this time of day.



Eh?! Eh?!

Dannnnnng he's changed from then till now. Not um...looking like he used to.

I warn you, but SEE?


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