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I hate to admit this guilty pleasure...

...but I honestly love it when men run for their lives when proven wrong. I do. I REALLY REALLY DO. And I know this is wrong, so yeah. LOL. I'll try to do better (or at least make an effort, although in this case it was WELL worth it).

LOL. I'm thinkin' reading/comprehension wasn't REAL high on that list. Ya know, you're known for the company you keep (which would include the spouse).

So I'm just saying: PLEASE GOD PLEASE, don't tempt me to take shots by saying something so erroneous/truthful/evil, I lose I.Q. points reading it and then, writing about it. Next thing you know, I will be telling the truth, and it won't be pretty. In fact, it'll be the downright ugliness of you, personality, spouse and all. Yes, I'm THAT mean if you take a shot at me and you're WRONG.. Bet on it. Not you as in anyone who reads this; but you in general. LOL :)

Still, I'm amused. :) And pleased. And so very wrong.

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