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Ganked from vitalessence

Ehh! A kinda cool meme, which I have little to no time to spend on:

LJ Interests meme results

  1. arthurian:
    I feel I'm in the wrong century. I believe my interest in all things Arthurian is self-explanatory. :-D
  2. creativity:
    Anything dealing with creativity including (but not limited to) thinking, art, analyzing, problem-solving and being clever. (Trying to keep this short.)
  3. gia:
    Was the woman for whom the term "super model" was coined. One of the first women to die of the HIV virus =( Fascinating life (highly recommend reading and seeing the bio.)
  4. laser tag:
    WEEEEE!! Famous words, as mimicked by my friends: "WHERE'S DEFENNNSEEEEEEEEE!?" I'm competitive, and LOVE any shooting game, particularly when I can run around in the dark, low-crawl to my destination, and take out somebody's headquarters. What's really great is when I score "Top Gun." Yeah. Imma dork. YOUR POINT?
  5. mystique:
    Ahhh, anything mythological, mysterious, enigmatic, hard to figure out is interesting to me. I like the idea of magic, but am a Christian. I don't think I'll be damned just because I'm interested in it. I also love people who are "surrounded" in it. Very, very few of them.
  6. pontificating:
    I do this way too much. Main reason why I'm a chronic insomniac, worrier, thinker, analyzer. However -- when given thought to an idea I've thrown out, sooner or later it becomes evident to the suspicious party that indeed, I was correct. Gotta love THAT.
  7. roy lichtenstein:
    Google him. Thank me later. :-D I love his art. :) I love MOST art.
  8. sketching:
    Art is my first love. Sketching -- particularly people -- is one of my favorite past times. I love charcoal and a nice, soft, #1 pencil =)
  9. tom robbins:
    AWESOME author. He's the man version of me. I highly recommend "Jitterbug Perfume" for those who haven't been turned on to him yet.
  10. writing:

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