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Saved by the journal's discretion...

WOW. I just BLASTED an individual in a post, only to have it completely wiped out. It felt SO GOOD to say all of that, that I completely don't feel the need to repost. Venting ONCE was good enough, and *I* got to read it, think about it, and KNOW it in my heart. This will suffice.

Loser? Go away. Yeah, this IS for you. I'm following my counselor's advice -- you're poison, and we will NOT communicate from this point forth. You've gotten worse since your girlfriend moved out, and I'm SO NOT going to deal with it. Your threats? Are ridiculous. Contact me again, and I'll follow up on my initial response to your OTHER maniacal reaction this week. Bet.

Too bad, however, that it DIDN'T save it. What I said was articulate, correct and SO VERY honest and pointed, that the aforementioned 'mentally ill' individual would be FORCED TO THINK about his actions. Unfortunately, he won't get help, and I'm so tired of being his crutch. The end, baby. The end. C'est la vie; happy me :)

To the others who might be unfortunate enough to read this post, my sincere apologies. :) There's enough angst going on in the world withOUT my contribution, eh? But I assure you (and my friends can DEFINITELY attest to this one) that THIS needed to be said; I'm just glad livejournal accidentally deleted ALL I had to say...for it was hateful enough to make one cut their ear off, at the very least. :)

Niters, all.

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