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Why yes, I think I'll add MORE art...

...and am happy that vavaverity understands and has started doing the same thang. ;-)

Soooo girly I'm almost ashamed. Almost. Soooo girly I'm almost ashamed. Almost.

Watermelon is, after all, the new red.
Let it storm... Let it storm...

...so that we may more fully appreciate the rainbow treat at the end.

I am, after all, the queen of shameless...shameful? self-promotion. Or is that self-deprecation? Something like that.

So Lane was kind enough to scoot me up to the victor alpha during lunch today. WOW. THEY WERE NOT ONLY ON TIME, BUT EARLY!!! My joy knows no limits. There was NO line, they had my stuff right THERE, plus I was able to enjoy the fine company of Le Lane *smirks.* I don't think he reads this...but if he does, ThaaaaankKKKkkkkks! Rumors are ALREADY flying around the company because he came in with me upon our return, and we wandered around the company grounds, zipping around the fountain. Of course, I got wet; he did not. *rolls eyes* Plus, in his lil SUV-wanna-be, he was all trying to cop a feel. DON'T DENY IT! YOU SO WERE. I threatened to do it back, but when it comes time for the gun fight, I show up with a water pistol.


Aw haw. Yeah. Anyway, twas fun and different. :-D

Today was movie day. We all got boxes of KK doughnuts (le yum), and tons of junk food. In addition, we received yet ANOTHER company cup (this time, aluminum? steel? something). More durable, although not as purty as the red ones. Yay for new cups!

I'm thinking doofus got the hint. In fact, I only had to *see* him twice today. He WAVED...HAHAHA...THE FIRST TIME. I just stared as if he'd lost his mind. Then, I had to pass by what is now becoming a common site of DH in mourning. WHEN WILL IT END? Helllz, I'm kinna mourning that whole thing, too, but you don't see me wear it out in public like a suit I wanna show off. I honest-to-God don't get it.

Since I've pretty much gotten rid of my more serious issues out via e-mail, I don't feel the desire to journal any (much less in an open entry). If you've read this far, thank me later. *snort*

My favorite Spanish chica is back at work!!! I've missed her. She had surgery (which I was totally clueless about), and has been on some serious extended leave. It's good to see her smiling face back :-D

Work today was unusually laborous because I had two situations in which the men were overly garrulous. OMG. Every time I hear the word "because" I KNOW I'm in for a lecture, or worse, about to hear a bunch of lies in a HUGE HUGE WAY, and it's gonna be a LONNNNNG time before all that's over with. Gotta learn the fine art of shuttin' their traps. That, or just ignoring them. Hahaha. *cough* Yeah. It seems like my days flat-out rock or just sux0rs lately. Fortunately, the good far outweighs the bad.

For the most part, I've kept to myself today. It's been SO nice, not having a "regular dude" tag along with me each second of the day. The stupidity and subsequent not realizing it of last night won't be soon forgotten. And it pretty much severed any chance of our even being casual friends, because the mere sight of him makes me grind my teeth. Not even DH made me feel that way. Eh. Not good, since we work so closely together. Ah well. I can maintain a modicum of professionalism, and he knows how I feel. So it's tolerable.

And since most of my thoughts and issues are private, I'm gonna make haste with this entry, and hope that my friend's list has gotten busy SOMETIME today. El Jay was literally a ghost town last time I checked.

Oh yeah! There's a WONDERFUL layout that I want to employ, but it's saved (the generic version) in S1 format. *sobs* I really REALLY REALLY want that layout, but it looks like I'm going to have to stick with this crap until I figure it all out.

Man. I'm glad I got THAT outta my system. Heh.


Andddddd again, you shouldn't have, but JUST HAD TO, DIDN'T YA? ;p


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