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The Tragic Dialogue

"You're always asking me where I am, who I'm with, what I'm doing..."

", no...I never ask you ANY of that."

"THAT'S RIGHT!!! (accusing, now he has proof!), because YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT US!!!"

US, I might add, can be defined as he, me and whomever is/was living with him at the time (while he was 'working on our re-lay-shun-ship'). Of course, I find THIS out in the MOST TWISTED way, and HOW BAD has life become since she left him? Girlfriend? If you're reading this PLEASE go back with him, so my life may resume halfway normal (while he spends the OTHER unnormal half with YOU). UNREAL! My life, the soap opera. I swear, I should take my hard copy journal and turn in around into a profit center. Ohhhhh, dear readers, the dialogue's even more unreal and psychotic than JUST this. But I'll not snore you with the details. It never ends, though, and is always the saaaaaaaame old thing. Rhetorical question (you don't have to answer): How fast would you get sick of it? Would you want to be friends with someone like that?!'t answer. Always threatening, accusing, 'mind reading', neverrrrrrrrrrr ends. If it gets worse, I'll post detailed information, so all of you can benefit from contacting this lunatic. In fact, since MY information has literally been raped, I'm halfway tempted to share it NOW.


DO I NEED A LAKE TRIP OR WHAT?! :) Indeeeeed. I'm going to get a good night's sleep and head out, baby. I came home from work to discover (no way!) my A-O-Hell password had been 'changed'. Okay -- this is right AFTER my Yahoo was changed...we're all over it., I can't begin to guess who'd do Even got the software. I could give all of you 'things to really be on the lookout for' but it would sound so surreal, I doubt any of you would even be able to fathom someone SO obsessed they cannot bear the thought of you even going to work, much less going 'somewhere out to dinner.' UNREAL!! GADS!!! Whew.

The 'buck' stops here.

It took me a couple of years, but I get it. :) I may be gullible, and VERY forgiving, but I sholy ain't stoopid.


Thank God his actions have forced him into hiding...I might actually get a decent night's sleep, and have fun on the internet for a change (oh, UNTIL 'it' reads THIS...then 'it' will arise from its depths of hell to aggressively attack such a HERO! Ladies? Are you swooning yet? LOL) :D

Randall? It ain't your Navy no

Just thought I'd let ya know. You need to rename yourself. My cell battery died while you were calling. Muchas sorrimous :) I'll call you back from my landline when I'm through VENTING IN HEREEE.

It's FRIDAY! Have a greaaaaaaaat weekend, alles. :D Try to behave yourselves, and rest up! And be O SO THANKFUL you're not living MY life right now :)

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