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Getting Kelsey up this morning was like trying to rouse the dead. I even checked for her pulse. Overnight, she's morphed from a sweet little baby to TEH EVEL, SLEEPY TEENAGER. She doesn't even wake UP sweet like she did this summer. Grumbling and growling into her pillow, she continued burrowing like some gerbil until she had at least five of them on top of her head and upper torso.


Finally I gave up. Told her if she wasn't up, dressed and ready by this time, I was leaving without her. I had time to go gas up the car, wash it, put oil in it...yeah. I'm just sayin'. She's finally turned into a surly teenager.

Annnnnnd again, I'm playing the waiting game. I think something's wrong with my lil e-mail. I certainly hope this isn't the case, but right now, I should have something in it, and there's nada.

Today is National Boss' Day, FYI

Just in case someone needs that opp to go kees some ace. :D LOL.

I have a great, bosses? I'm working for three people right now, so I think I'll take the non-ace-keesing option, thnx.

And I wait. So I journal.

New patch on this morning. S.E. STILL hasn't refilled my scripts for sleeping pills and I'm in a panic. Not only do I feel *sick* (been taking these suckers for 10 years), but I'm all jittery and nervous. NOT a good way to start the day. That, and forgetting my super secret NATO security badges (yes...S...we have two of 'em) ensures today is gonna be one of those.

Naturally, somewhere between my carro and the house, I lost my keys. Again. EVERY morning, I misplace my keys. Ummm...just sayin'. I need more room in da crib.

Had a minor altercation with my spawn regarding clothes this morning. It's sub zero out there, but OH NO SHE'S LIKE HER DAD and wanted to go out in this flimsy t-shirt. I THINK NOT. I made her put an overshirt on. I also realized this morning that a lot of her clothes are missing. Yeppers. At her dad's. GrRrrr. Then, we got in the car and started singing.


Now, I have a song stuck in my head. I HATE when that happens, especially when it's not a song I particularly care for. Gads.

Ooooooookay. This is the very definition of malingering, I think, so I'm gonna FIND something to do instead of waiting on their schtuff to come in.


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