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Lunch wasn't exactly fun with my bud, because we had to discuss stuff. I had serious chest pains and am VERY concerned about that. If just discussing this situation causes THAT reaction, I have a feeling by tomorrow afternoon, I'll either be dead, or laid out in the E.R. somewhere. *sigh* While it's always easy to tell someone "Oh don't worry about it" after dropping bombs on 'em, the fact is we WILL worry if we worry ANYWAY. So...still in a state of semi-panic over all that.

Right after, I ran FACE FIRST into Viggo. Second time in a couple of weeks. Either I walk too fast past the elevators, or he leaps out of 'em like Peter Pan. Whatever the case...OOPS. :> Funny.

Our group is hosting a Thanksgiving luncheon. I need to eat. Am I going? Eh no.


Ja. I wanna go home, curl up in a fetal position and cry. Ja. Good plan.

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