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And /this/ is what we look like after TOTALLY losing it.

Fall The Fall

...not the season; but a reason.

Or at least what I look like. Gotta remember today. Unbelievable. UN.BE.LIEV.A.BLE.

Dear Kelsey:

I'm SO glad you're not a material girl, because thanks to the "graciousness" of MB50, looks like we won't have a Christmas.

I'll tell ya when you're older. Like 30 or so.

Love --
Your mom, who's REALLY trying to keep her sheize together

I'm way too tired to do anything, much less an update. The Cliff Notes -- although very enlightening and interesting (note to self re: DH revelations regarding his "50-something-year-old-friend-with-benefits-UGH) that make it REAL easy to let go, and all other, more serious things.

Boyscout called this morning, offering his support; should've taken him up on the headrub after all this crap. JJ, however, was with me. After the horror and reality of my little situation finally settled in, and I literally broke down, he put his arm around me.

Yeah. I've shed more tears today than all this year (probably needed to). Again, best saved for a personal entry. Way too sensitive (and potentially damaging to...what's left of my life. Got to be too much, and I just broke down. In retrospect I should've tried to hang on until we got back here. Er, right.

Going STRAIGHT to bed after this.

WHAT A DAY. I'm also now a lovely $1,200 or so poorer than I started off (which has to be paid MONTHLY). It's freakin' tragic. No other way to put it.

Yeah. I'm going to bed.

Tomorrow /has/ to be better.

Did get mail from graphics department. Encouraging no less. The rest of the day was straight-up/kick-arse work and then ALL THAT CRAP.

Ya gotta know when to stop journaling publicly I'm thinking. This is one of those times. Ja. I'm out.

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