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2005 Journal-In-A-Minute-Meme(tm) :>

Ze Mission should you choose to accept it: Take the first sentence/paragraph from every month from your journal, and put it all together so you can sit back and go 'I really AM a freak' and take a good look at this past year. Learn from your mistakes; treasures your achievements. Remember what was goin' on and allllll that fun schtuff. Ta-da!

January through December: The short story.

[Begin transmission]


I haven't been this sick in more than 10 years. Honest to God. Was up all night last night, my skin hurting despite the heat being wide open. I took a few baths hot enough to take off a couple of skin layers, and still couldn't rest that well.

Dear cruel and evil Mother Nature:
We were promised 50-something degree weather today, and so I dressed according. And JUST LIKE THIS SUMMER, you're turning out to be a tease. I'm not falling for your tricks anymore.

Since I have the bypass cut option set up, allllll those lil "JUST KIDDING! APRIL FOOL'S!!!", none of your eveeelll little tricks are working, for those on my lil friend's list. Heh.

Your Dork Profile: (Leave it to me to start 'em with a quiz)
Academic Dorkiness: Highest
I'm yer Love Dork: High
General Dorkiness: High
Movie Dorkiness: High
Gamer Dorkiness: Moderate
Internet Dorkiness: Moderate
Fashion Dorkiness: None
Music Dorkiness: None
SciFi Dorkiness: None

Wishing a very happy birthday to the seemingly calm-natured babygemini00!! (Sorry, but I'm at work and can't make this all groovy, sparkly and full of whatevers :D)

Grab her with your mouse. Spin her around. After awhile, it gets kinda creepy. Just sayin'. I'm thinking now that I really REALLY should've asked that dentist and photographer what, precisely, I was modeling for when they were developing that software game.

I shall, for the first time, SQUEE!!! in my journal. Was sitting on a bench, finishing my book when quiet, shy, cute boy at work came up and sat down beside me. (DH ...UGHH!!)

Do you ever...wander around all curious to your friend's pages, scroll down to their memories, and then, they've locked them all up so you can't read? Or cruise friends of friends journals memories (out of further curiousity), and realize that those, too, are locked? I seriously want to just see the "title" of each memory. But then, after reading some obscure "subject/title" I'd be even more curious as to what Jane/John Doe felt was so important/cool/funny/sad that she/he stored it as a memory?

Woah. There are actually people in the U.S. who don't know what an Icee is. So here ya go. Since I shared elsewhere this mysterious, frothy treat, I decided to share in the journal, too. The rest you can skip, as I'm just journaling.

Dear "Anonymous": Let me guess -- reading/comprehension was not your strong suit was it? Get back on the mothership for the love of God.

WTH Nano?! Call them Legion, for they are many. Mkay. I haven't updated in forever, but my very real question is WHY DID EVERYONE I KNOW WIN THE NANO WRIMO CONTEST??

Gads. I need MORE of a real life. :P

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