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Psycho much?

So TWO WHOLE DAYS have passed since I last SPOKE with PH. Ummm...two days in which ... well I can't go into public details about, but will leave it as it is. That's 48 hours. That's a short hospital stay. HOWEVER...again, he's reading my mind.

Ya know? It IS over. Because I'm soooooo not gonna put up with YET ANOTHER day-long-scream-fest (he screams, I tell him to calm down or hang up) just to have you as a boyfriend.

Er, he won't read this, but it's good to keep in my memories.


The anvil is released and all is well in my world.

My attorney is poised and ready to go, yo. :> AGAIN, tis the advantage of having friends who know the law and practice it. Oh man. Yeah. So there's that. :> Since the address (or legal last name) was so broadly advertised, it's not hard to serve this one with papers :> And this is a federal law; not local.

YAY. There is justice for those who THINK they can get away with this crap. Um...with a husband in jail for reasons I won't mention (because it's horrific), I'd imagine that the aforementioned doesn't make a real good witness.

Sad. And I hate to add to this person's legal problems. And ja, this person has, as of right now, the opportunity to TRY and get rid of ALL THE CRAP they've stolen from me; I still have hard copies. I think a nice, public formal apology will be required at THIS juncture before I'll drop it. It's not gonna cost me a dime.

Buttttttttt aforementioned has seriously asked for it for YEARS. I'd seriously be remiss if I didn't press charges, and MEAN what I say on my userpage.

Yeah, yeah, call me what you will. I'll live.

"Ignorance of the Law does not make one exempt from compliance thereof."


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