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Yap, yap, yap, yap, yappppppp.

Alllllllllll day long.

While it's cool that my new AO is right near the company's staff nurses, they tend to yap allllllllllll freakin' day long. I lurve them, and they're mucho friendly; but all that yappin' is gonna make me crazy/er.

However, I now have it all set up the way it should've been when we first moved here; so my production shot back up to where it needed to be. I'm a little too close to the company's lunchroom, so I have to smell crap people bring in to eat ALL.DAY.LONG.


This morning, in my haste to get to work, I neglected to bring ANY of the myriad meds I'm supposed to take all day; so I had to take an early lunch, fight my way (both ways) through 280 traffic, grab meds and L's laptop, and make haste back to the company. Although this was achieved in less than 30 minutes, losing my super close parking spot cost me another 30 minutes (or day...I think it's tomorrow already). OMG. WHYYYYYYYYY?! I wish we had the same set up we did in our old building. That walk was taxing at best, nearly-lethal at worst. I really REALLY REALLY need to bone up on my cardio regime (or er, just start one).

Already exceeded goals for today; and although I'm no slacker, I've decided to take it easy for the rest of the day, not be in such a hurry to do it ALL, and actually e-mail my cow-orkers in other states back for a change :> Some of 'em are mucho fun :) Others...test my patience. One, in particular, has recently started poking me just a little; he's asking for a broken finger if he keeps that up. I think they forget that just because we're NOW in Birmingham, some of us have been EVERYWHERE. This is especially true for just about half of our staff. Most started out elsewhere, but loyally stayed with the company through mergers and moves. Not that this is a /good/ thing in all cases, but that's another journal entry altogether.

Eee! I got to touch a guy in the company who I've always thought was...precious, for lack of a better word. :) He rescued my cellphone/pouch, and our fingers touched. Awwwwww. WTH. Something is REALLY wrong with me. No, no, I'm staying true to the "no-dating-in-the-company" rule, nor do I think this way about him. But still...was one of those swoon-worthy moments. He's always smiling, so touching him was kinda spacial :) :) Maybe some of that happiness will rub off on me.

Yeah. Speaking of. Today is payday, but it might as well NOT be. *screams* I'm going to recheck precisely how much is going into the 401-K/etc.etc. because something's just WRONG with mine. Before it reached my account, it was spent; and yesterday was the LOWEST my bank account's been in more than 15 years. GEEZ. :/ Not real happy about that, and am still trying to figure out what's going on. Perhaps it's time to contact AmSouth and deal with it. I'm really afraid that freak-boy (who contacted me via e-mail this week, no less) is taking money out of it. I wouldn't be surprised.

And if you're reading this, psycho, DON'T E-MAIL ME. Had to immediately block THAT name, too. I won't ask why, nor should I give him any "play" in here. But ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Hopefully, his dumbass girlfriend reads this, and SHE'LL make him back off.

And P.S., PSYCHO: MY SEX LIFE is NOT your business.

And that's all I'll say about that.

In other news, there really IS no other news except for the fact that all I seem to be able to do is work and sleep. Something's definitely wrong. I'm going to see my new doctor next Wednesday, and will address this whole fatigue issue with her. I should NOT be passing out at 6-6:30 every night, wake up, and feel like I still need more sleep. That doesn't count all day, when I go through periods of fatigue. I've not touched caffeine since that ill-fated day back in 2003? so I can't blame it on that. Ugh. Almost afraid to find out.

Ah! There is something to journal; but it can't be in an open or even friend's only entry. Some things, ya just keep to yourself. :>

Note to self #195: Consult with special K before totally shaving head bald.


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