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Oooooooo goody!

Seems like a lil rumor has been started about Viggo at work. LOL. While I /totally/ sympathize/empathize with him, er, there were alllllllll these women copied on his heart-broken e-mail.

Poor thing. He's so young. I think that's why it's escalated into a REAL issue, whereas before, it was just a rumor? Something. Nevertheless, it was slightly humorous in an El Jay kinda way. LOL. Because everyone knows, El Jay is the HOTBED for rumors.

How he gathered his list of chicks to mail, I'll never know (or maybe I will...). Although I don't know what the rumor is (although I suspect that someone's said he's gay), he's sweating bullets. Why do people always have to hate the purty ones? LOL :) They do. They're jealous and ill-spirited, and if you're a bright, shiny one in a company, they're going to hone in on you and pick you to the bone.

So that was part of today. The rest is fairly boring. My wrists/hands are literally hurting, since I'm trying to double up on what I might've missed yesterday, and I'm ready for this day to be over.

I really REALLY need to eat lunch, even if it's crap. So off to the vending machines I go. Wooo. Healthy. O_o I was surprised and kinda sick to my stomach when I weighed in yesterday, 8 lbs. lighter. I thought I was GAINING. I'll attribute that to stress.

Alrighty. Nothing new/fun/more to say for a public entry, and I'm sure peeps like wbahner and catchnteardrops are reloading, so I just thought I'd throw something up in here. LOL :D

I reload, too, fyi. Don't we all? Now if I just had that gun in my drawer...*snort*

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