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You see, CeeJay [edit for clarification]

...anyone who's in a community college is SURE TO KNOW MORE THAN US, RIGHT?


My "generated" new year's resolution has just begun. I shall point and laugh.

Um. Actually, it makes sense lil boy. THINKKKKKKKK THINKKKKKKKK. Even COMMUNITY COLLEGE requires a LITTLE BIT of thinking.

[/obscure entry, wherein I point and laugh and make random comments about...whatever. :)

Gratuitous, needed edit: Don't get me wrong; I know many who are and have been in/to community college and are brilliant. I don't mean to diminish ANY form of continued education. But in some cases, like dear CeeJay's not only are they STILL IN COMMUNITY COLLEGE, but based on them opening their mouths and saying inane crap, they perpetuate the myth that anyone who GOES to community college is a poor dork who didn't qualify for "real" college.

Yeah. So no offense intended to ANYONE other than, of course, CeeJay. CeeJay RUN! RUN, JAY, RUN!

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