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Kelsey's best friend made this collage/picture frame, lining it, and mounting it with brackets on a steel frame. She carefully placed a silver-opaque bow at the top of it, and inserted glass atop these pictures she thinks are special. Each of her "phrases" (which I pulled out to the side) have secret, funny significance that only they share...okay, and me, but they chose to tell me :D (Of course, I trashed it out with Paint Shop Pro, but er...mkay. :D).

How sweet is that? If I didn't have to get up so early and work tomorrow, I'd reminisce about my best friend, Vickie, with whom I spent all summers and after school with...

*wistful smile*

I think girls somehow mysteriously lose that beautiful bond we have as children. I found myself trying to think of why; and the answers I came up with were...sad.

Yes. A good way to put it without going into details. Kelsey inspires loyalty and respect from all her friends. If I wasn't so proud of her achievements in school, perhaps I'd focus on what she's really done that means something to the entire world: Made a life-long, enduring and positive impact on all those around her, and continues growing into the wonderful woman I can imagine her being.

So in a way, this is dedicated to the double handfuls of women in my life with whom I've bonded, loved and am a better person for having them in my life. Not even the perfect husband can be "the perfect girlfriend" for us.

And any girl who's ever had these type relationships can identify with what I'm saying. It's a wonderful, magical thing.

Should've left it alone :) Should've left it alone :)

The uncluttered version deserves its own pic. :>

And for those who say "I talk about/write about/etc. about" my daughter too much can kiss my...


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