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Oh yes, indeed, it's Montag.

Took My Tay to school really early this morning and still got in to work later than I would've liked. Addressed an "issue" this morning, and am now totally convinced that the new ubervisor has serious issues (lying being the worst); and that I'd be best just yammering through everything she says, jumping RIGHT over that head, and ignoring. She seriously almost started a "problem" between myself and another employee. Had I not had the balls to "subtly discuss" this issue with said employee, I would've BELIEVED what the ubervisor said.

She's emotionally abusive, in that she "isolates" everyone who happens to fall under her blanket, even at the expense of doing our jobs properly (or helpfully). Come on. SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE. I don't want to "bust the chain of command" wide open, but feel that's the only way light will truly be shed on this situation. I love my job. But I will NOT work for someone who lies to me. That's as bad as dating someone who does the same thing, if not worse. It's bad enough that I volunteered to come in and "help get caught up" this weekend; but for her to try and start some sheize is...incomprehensible. I've heard enough of her "I love me" stories to last a lifetime. According to HER, everyone worth anything in this company "she picked/trained/etc.". PLEASE. OMG PLEASE. I swear, she'll be using ME on that list if I allow it.


So...on a lighter note, I got into work, and my message light was flashing. I don't give my number out to, well, ANYone (cept The Tay and dad), so I was all ? ... I punched in the password, and heard: GOOOOOOOD MORRRRRRRRRRRNNINGGGGGGGGGGGGG TERRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LASTNAMEOMITTED!!!!

Hahahhaahaha. Funny. Considering the source especially.

But the BEST part of today is that accidentally or not, my cow-orker said he loved me. Awwwwwwwww! It was sweet, and I'm sure it just kinda slipped out in some way that we develop, whilst having many conversations with one person. Still, it made me feel all warm, fuzzy and, well, loved :> So I LYMIRed him and let him go :D

I've asked several of my coworkers in different states to send pics of their buildings. They ALL have digital cameras (part of the job, yo), so no excuses. :> No, not gonna post 'em in the journal. AS IF I WANT EVERYONE ON THE INTERNETZ TO KNOW FOR WHOM I WORK. WAAAAAAAAAAhahaha. Not.

I've already exceeded my quota TWICE today; which means I've done two days' worth of work before lunch, and that doesn't mean met; that means exceed/outstanding. My HUGE dilemma is this: Do I continue working? Or will it make those with whom I work look bad?? Gah. Why do I worry about this crap?! Yeah. Enough of that.

I've eaten enough orange Tic Tacs to qualify as a meal. *snorts* So er, does that mean I have to worry about deenar tonight? Kelsey will be with her dad, and er, I ate enough for everybody this weekend (all fattening, bad-for-you-stuff). Meh. Food. Don't even like THINKING about it.

Haven't gotten my results back yet, and that makes me a lil nervous. Not much, but a little.

Andddddd my list is er, kind of the same which makes me wonder if anyone read that entry. *sigh*

Alrighty. Nothing great to impart or remember (besides the fact that my memory is almost nonexistent these days), so Imma close all this up right now, before I reveal something I /really shouldn't/ in a public entry.

OH NOESSSSSS! Wait, wait...agateway what's goin' on?! Yikessssss. Just curious about the mood icons.

Yup. That's the plan.

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