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Dear Internet Special Olympics Horseshoe tosser:

While I appreciate YOUR concern for my journal (since you reload it like an M-14A1 on the sands during the Normandy Invasion...bored much?), I'm sorry but ya might wanna make sure YOU know what you're saying before you go getting stupid in my journal.

Having said that, I'll sit, and watch as the days go by, you remain...well, as ignorant as you were last night, and I continue to point, laugh, and make lettuce.

In the meantime, since you're also hitting my "random" icon on my userpage, PLEASE find someone to love. Really, it's flattering but you're like a gnat in the summer. Plus, that whole cowardly anonymous thing is SO sad and tiring. Have the balls to put your name with it, ya troll. You don't see ME HIDING. Guess what? You never will.

Now, shoo. I have REAL things to worry about.

Love and sloppy kisses -
The JOURNAL'S OWNER (and knower of the truth; all truths and nothing but the truths up in here, unlike YOU)

P.S. -- That was /almost/ funny if you hadn't written it. Then I realized WOOPS...again, my style is being plagiarized to right a wrong that wasn't committed. LOLOL.

Weeeee. Let today. BEGIN.

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