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For historical reasons

Or something. I totally neglected to really journal yesterday, and it was pretty fun/different. I decided that Kelsey and I needed a project. So we gathered up clothes that no longer fit us, and we can't wear (or have spots/stains, etc. on them), and are in the process of making a quilt. It's gonna be SOOOOOO cool :> We've been through the most arduous process of clipping off buttons, zippers and little things off of each piece. And er, Winnie-the-Pooh, we decided, is gonna have flowers in his hair, live an alternative lifestyle, and um...yeah. I'll keep all that between she and I. She's too funny.

If you've never quilted with your child, you're missing out on life's finer things. :)

It's AMAZING how much cloth is just in a sleeve alone. Right now, I figure we have enough already cut out and measured to make one, king-sized quilt. So we're going to make two identical ones (or two from the same fabrics/patterns); one for Kelsey, and one for her best friend. So when they go to college, yeah. Every piece of clothing used in this quilt has a story, a year in our lives, something eventful. Not all happy, not all sad, but stories nonetheless.'s a special quilt. Although we're hand-stitching the top, I've decided that the rest will be done with the sewing machine.

Kelsey was awesome this weekend. Cleaned the HOUSE, no less, and was easy to please when it came to food. Yay! No fighting over "healthy" eating. :) I finally convinced her to take half of her vitamins to her dad's (she won't take the ones he buys her; she'll only use gummis), along with floss and straws. I'M SORRY. BUT WHY DOESN'T HE GET HER THESE THINGS WHEN SHE'S THERE????


Yeah, so he decided yesterday that perhaps it's NOT the transmission but just the clutch. While I'd LOVE to believe this, I dunno. I talked with my new friend about it earlier, but was surrounded by cow-orkers. To make a long story short, HE'S SO SWEET. He offered to let me borrow his car (a Mercedes no less)! And the FIGHT I GOT INTO with S.E. will NOT be journaled for public reading. It was the, ever. That we've EVER gotten in to. And besides my mother? That was probably the worst "fight" ever I've had with ANYONE.

It's time to get OUT of his life forever. I told him I wanted to meet just one of his real life friends. He continued changing the subject. Not only that, but he "watches" the comings and goings here. I told him that he was creepy, and why the HELLA was he watching who I rode to work with, etc. etc.!?!? PLEASE. FREAKY. I mean, is he perched in my WINDOWS AT NIGHT, TOO? I'm just sayin'. See, there's a reason some people aren't married, never will be, and SHOULDN'T. I'm convinced now that he's absolutely, 100% insane. There's a REASON why his job makes him miserable and "everybody he works with he hates." Bottom line? He HAS no friends. He NEVER sees the good in other people, but tends to even turn ACTS OF KINDNESS around into something negative and ugly; this is something only my mother had accomplished.

Yeah, so the big entry will wait for privacy. Gotta remember it.

And YET an almost-total-stranger not only is coming to check out my car (and maybe fix it if he can), but also offered to loan me his with NO expectations (or none that I've seen). There are good and there are bad people. Surely, S.E. doesn't think he's honestly going to heaven...

Ja, well. Not for me to judge. Just sayin'. Anyone who'll POINT BLANK say "Yes, I love cats more than people, they have feelings too!" has some serious issues.

Alrighty. Enough of that. It was bad enough (if not worse than I'm writing) to merit maybe more than one journal entry/note about it. For NEW reasons, I want to move now, more than EVER. Of course, I think my landlady's going to put it on the market (and soon); so...I need SO MANY plans, all of which require WAY too much money = MUCHO STRESS.


So I'm not going to think of those things today. Too much work, I did just have all the work joy schtuff happen, and lunch is almost over. :> Oh. I went out to the parking lot to make a phone call (no privacy 'round here), and saw a co-worker...asleep? dead? in the car. I watched her (and I happen to like her more than most around here), and she wasn't moving. ACK. I thought she was dead. LOL. Right as I was prepared to walk up, snatch her out of her SUV, call 911 and give her CPR, she woke up. LOLOL. She told me she was power-napping. Still. That's some scary stuff. And our company has this BIZARRE history of "death" (not including the most recent in the 280 incident). Last year, heart attacks, etc. etc. and one's safe. Each floor here has a defibrillator on it (kinda scary) um...maybe THE BUSINESS IS STRESSFUL.

Alrighty. Lunch is officially over. My rambling's gotta stop.


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