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Gawd, I wish I could have caffeine

I'm tempted to give my work and cell numbers out just so I could get whatever calls to keep me awake. I'm about to pass slap out at my computer, and we know I don't need another black eye. *cough*

Tough conversation today. Not looking forward to it.

LOTS of calls from boyscout? Whyfor?! Not answering nor returning them.

Found out that my buddy (who needs a nic...) turned down three sweet jobs, just to take a chance and stay in Birmingham. ACK. Now I feel kinda guilty. Man. I was dead wrong about all that ;-) LOL.

Okay, no I don't. I'm worth it :> (This remains true; but he'll never know this, um, ever.)

Last night, we were watching a movie, and heard the screams of horror coming from upstairs. Both of us hopped up, SCARED TO DEATH, and I opened the utility closet (which is where the screams were coming from). I banged on the wall, asked if they needed me to call 911 or start shooting, and the screaming continued. It was FREAKY, something out of a horror novel, and unless I ask, I don't think I'll ever know what happened. So we decided that I should call 911. Der polizei showed up, and left. So whatever it was that caused that psychotic, dual-girlie screaming for HEEEEEEEELLLLLLP was false. I hope they charge their dumbasses for being that way. No one was hurt, or someone would've been carted away. I'm just sayin.'

I think these daily headrubs are making me unGODLY tired during the day, causing me to long only for the comfort of soothing hands in my hair and on my face. Awwwwwww. EW. What's WRONG with me?

We have Mallards hanging out in the center of our lawn. It's freaky, because their lake is about a mile from here. SO WHY ARE THE MALLARDS HANGING OUT, TRYING TO CLAIM THAT TERRITORY? Freaky, hissing, evil Mallards no less.

I feel like CRAP and am running a high temp (probably contributing to the sleepy thang), but will gut it out for today.

Getting together with "no name yet" after work, and can't wait. Am counting the seconds.

Okay, maybe not the seconds but...something.

I really really REALLY REALLY wish I could start drinking coffee/caffeine again. Especially right now =/ Meh.


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