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Hate when THAT happens [edit O_o]

So I'm all making merry on the phone with The Boyfriend Without A Nickname, thinking I'm solo, and boom. I saw movement, and lo and was Rey Jorge, who I don't *think* I've SEEN in months. ACK. And that conversation was um...yeah. More than Rey Jorge would wanna listen to I'm thinking.

I mean c'mon...he's still not over that one incident that occurred forever ago or else he wouldn't STILL be talking about it, would he?!

Then again, er, I wouldn't either, would I?!

Um yeah. See, this is the result of not getting proper closure (or not being able to slam his head into a wall when he needed it :D).

I'm sleepy.

I'm busy.

Why am I doing this? Oh yeah. A quiz which feels that The Boyfriend is a good, anyway.

Break Up? Are You Kidding?

Your relationship is top notch, period! (today)
Why are you even taking this quiz? :-) (because it'
Maybe you know you've got a good thing going (or maybe it lasts for 24 on/off)
Or maybe you're a little shaky from a fight (
Either way, stick with this guy!

Edit: I've been hitting that "random entry" box I put on my userpage, just to see what pops up, and today, er, I almost fell out of my chair laughing (mainly because I vividly remember it like it happened yesterday...although I dunno that C.G. <---if C.G. remembers who C.G. is, has any recollection whatsoever, even though HIS comments made me literally hurl chunks. :D Heh. Gotta love anything random :>

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