Creeping Through The Cellar Door (none_too_subtle) wrote,
Creeping Through The Cellar Door

  • Mood: it's just FREAKY.

The SAME WOMAN just popped into my office, scaring the HELLLLLLLLA outta me, asking about "the girl who parks in visitor parking" going into detail about what she looks like, etc., asking me to "check when I leave, and see in the morning" like her very life is hinging on the answer.

Ummmm...what's up?! Something WEIRD'S going on around here. Either she's sad because all her friends (managers) are out of town and totally bored, or she's looking to see my sunburn, so she can talk about it.

This is the same chick who asked if "I was still dating PH" about two weeks' ago (note to self...probably note to journal, too), to which I responded: "Huh? We're friends, if that's what you mean." I'm gonna tell my DATING secrets, especially if he works HERE to someone I don't know, and don't think likes me?! I don't think so.

WEIRD. JUST WEIRD. Does she wanna be friends? Is she looking for something? Whatttttttttt?!?! WHYYYYYYYY?

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