Creeping Through The Cellar Door (none_too_subtle) wrote,
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So I took the Zorro meets Elvira pics (and some "nerd-with-glasses" ones, too). But I'm too tired to do anything with 'em, so that's that.

Am STILL cooking dinner. The good thing about this is I'M EATING. Yay.

I really need a headrub.

Forget sex. Forget making out. Forget good looking, date-worthy, or whatever. ANY talented hands will suffice at this point. I need GOOD SLEEP tonight, and can feel one of "those" nights frighteningly approaching.

Eeeps. I cut off all my former "head-rubbers". That'll teach me. DANNNNNNNNG. I did clean out the refrigerator. OMG. It looks brand new. Yay.

Okay. Finish dinner and go to bed. Without trying (or trying hard) to get a gratuitous headrub :>

Since I'm on the subject... Since I'm on the subject...

...OMG. JUST SINCE I got 5-6 inches cut off, THIS IS HOW MUCH has grown back. FREAKY. Didn't have time to work with it. UGHHHHHHHH!

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