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Today is surprisingly flying by quickly. I'd thought -- since I'm about to take two days' vacation -- I'd be struggling. Thank God that (a) I lurve my job; and (b) it keeps me busier than three people. :>

Nothing strange, weird, freaky or funky has happened today, so I guess this means it'll happen either on my drive home, on the phone or internet tonight, despite my best intentions to AVOID PEOPLE AT ALL COSTS. Oh...some chick did ask to touch my hair today in the bathroom. HAHAHAH. WHY DO PEOPLE WANNA TOUCH MY HAIR? I can't remember a time...um, ever...that I've asked to "touch someone's hair." It's almost as invasive as those belly-rubbers when you're pregnant...if they even got close to me while *I* was pregnant, I'd jump back in horror. For some reason, I felt if they touched her (even in utero) something heinous would happen. That, or it's just DAMN INVASIVE. Geez. WANNA TOUCH MY BREASTESES, TOO, SINCE I HAVE 'EM DUE TO MILK?

Gawd. That whole "touching" thing doesn't work in my world unless I'm friendly/close to them. Although I do and have indulged those who ask to touch the hair. LOL. As long as they leave my butt out of it...and no, I don't have a hairy butt. Heh.

I'm STILL FULL from last night's dinner, and realized that I must've been as hungry as a hostage, since I ate enough for literally three-four people. Gawd. Maybe I'm one of those who binge, but just don't purge. Or maybe I'm like a camel, and am storing up the extra calories in that hump in my back. *snickers*

Called the guy who was supposed to look at my car um...whenever ago. He swears he'll do it Sunday. MY CAR HAS TO BE FIXED. SERIOUSLY. LIKE NOWWWWWWWWWWWW. My molar needs to be fixed, too, but that ain't happening yet. Actually, I'm going to be TIGHT if he does fix my car Sunday, because er...yeah. I'm tight.

Which leads me to THIS school of thought. No, no...I rethought that, and won't say it since (a) I have military friends here; (b) I don't need to give "haters" any MORE reasons to hate; and (c) I'm not IN the military now, so it doesn't count.

Yeahhhhhh, this is a waste of space. This could very well be the most pointless entry ever in the history of online journaling. :D

Since lunch is almost over, I'm crossing my fingers, toes legs...all 2,000 body parts, praying that nothing weird/bizarre/freaky/scary/strange happens for the rest of today (or through next week). The ubersuperobermeistervisor asked me to WORK THIS WEEKEND. HELLO? I'M TAKING OFF MONDAY AND TUESDAY, USING MY VACATION TIME, JUST TO TAKE CARE OF IMMEDIATE PERSONAL BUSINESS!!! As if I'd come in and work on the weekend NOW???????? I almost laughed in her FACE. Ya know, I really REALLY wanna like her. But she makes it IMPOSSIBLE. For every "good" thing she says or does, she'll do three hateful things (not directed at me, but everyone around her).

The myth about the co. pres. being such a Godly saint was dispelled today, whilst conversing with one of our long-time IT guys. He said: "Never trust a guy who -- four years' in a row -- is on the verge of tears after giving his Christmas speech at lunch, and then walks away laughing and joking like nothing ever happened."


My personal encounters with him -- before knowing he was, in fact, our president -- had previously shown me another side of him which is not at all the impression I've gotten from my cow-orkers. Hmmmm. Plus, I've kinda wondered, simply because of the nature of our BUSINESS. Next to attorneys, WE'RE THE MOST EVIL BUSINESS ON THE PLANET.

Hm. Maybe I should rethink that whole "I don't wanna be a journalist" thing, get BACK into my groove, stress out over something I love MORE and just do it until it kills moi.

Or something. Now I'm just rambling, so maybe I should put my hands on the desk, step away from the keyboard slowly...

Weeeeeeee. That sounds like fun ;-) :X


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Mar. 24th, 2006 08:18 pm (UTC)
I would freak if some random person wanted to touch ANY part of me ESPECIALLY if it's in the bathroom...
Mar. 24th, 2006 09:26 pm (UTC)
The only two places women ask to touch my hair have been in bathrooms and in lines (at grocery stores, convenience stores, etc.). Men (since they can't, obviously, be in the bat-room) will yell from their autos, ask in a line, and DEFINITELY in a bar/lounge/restaurant-bar.
Mar. 26th, 2006 09:27 pm (UTC)
Have you ever considered. . . .
becoming a foreign service officer specializing in Public Diplomacy? Your journalism experience might see you good stead there and your prior mil./govt time would count towards retirement.
Mar. 26th, 2006 09:30 pm (UTC)
Re: Have you ever considered. . . .
Honestly, I don't have the energy or desire. I have very few goals left to achieve (mostly personal), and life seems to be whirling by too quickly :> I actually got OUT of the business to ...tone down what I do for a living. I'm used to going 90 to nothing, and it was time to slow down. Only NOW, I'm getting promoted and ja...going 90 to nothing again, only in a different arena.

Go figure.

I'm rambling because GAH MY MOUTH HURTS. :>
( 4 whispered — Whisper to me )


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