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Wahahaha. YEAH, MKAY. This is a subtle way of saying "Terri! You don't give a sheize, do ya?!" :D

Are You a Great Date?
Terri, you are a total no disaster!

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In terms of your dating etiquette, it appears that you are polite, well-mannered and tactful. You seem to know how to behave appropriately on a first date, which is imperative for making a good first impression. Your considerate demeanor and respectful manner reveals that you are one classy broad!

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It appears that you are a confident woman and you do not feel the need to use your sexuality to get a man. You have probably found subtle ways to show your interest without acting too available, needy or desperate. Chances are that you do not regard sex as a way to manipulate your date into wanting to see you again. If, however, you choose to follow your sexual impulses, you probably do it for the right reasons -- not simply to please your date.

less disastrous more disastrous


You seem to have found the perfect balance between speaking and listening on a first date. You probably enjoy having a very natural give-and-take dialogue, and you are aware that there should be boundaries regarding how much is appropriate to reveal about yourself at such an early stage of a relationship. Chances are you do not try to please your date by always agreeing with him, and you probably don't take the spotlight off of him by always bringing the attention back to you. Continue to be yourself and you will soon find Mr. Right!

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