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Joyous lunchisms :> [edit finale]

Unexpected lunch today with an...old friend? Whatever he is. Wow. Just...wow. Good times, fun memories, and am going out tonight with him, also. :) Hrm. Probably not the smartest thing I've ever done, but...yeah. :) This year is literally FLYING by, and for all my hermitism, I've naught to show for it (other than teenage-girl stuff). Geez. Time for...grownups or something. It is spring and I am in my prime = should be having GREAT TIMES. Ja. So I need to change all that. :> I think the loss of Rey Jorge probably did effect me more than I realized. That'll teach me to let go too quickly. Perhaps my instinct was right; but had I just chilled, the whole story would've had a different ending, if it ended at all. Couldn't help but give him a thought, while hanging out with my buddy at our old Stamtisch today. *le sigh*

Boringham may be, well, boring, but we DAMN SURE have some hot mens here :> :D Time for me to stop analyzing every move and start moving. I think I've made a really bad habit of comparing others to Rey Jorge; let's face it -- they won't stack up in the looks, voice and brains department, so I've gotta quit. Plus, I shouldn't be so harsh on "older" guys. LOL. :) Er...as long as they don't LOOK their ages, non? ;-)

So whilst pontificating and discussing the whole Rey Jorge thing with my lunch buddy, all of this stuff occurred to me. Proof that I DO need to stop thinking and analyzing everything to death, and simply accept invitations. Ya never know which one's gonna turn out to be a weiner :> :D

Hm. Or maybe I'm happy being alone. Really, the thought occurs to me more often than not. God knows I'm the biggest flirt this side of the Mason/Dixon; if I was attached, I couldn't DO all that. :) So the freedom this brings might be something I'm just hanging on to because it suits me.

Bah. Or I could be overanalyzing all of it again.

I've got a date tonight. He's hot. He's young. He's um...yeah. :) Woah.

Not going to back out, refuse to work late, and WILL make an effort to er...be receptive. Or something.

I'd write who it is, but I'm afraid real-life friends will read and say "OMGZNOOOOOOESSSSSSSYOUCAN'TDOTHAT" so I'll keep him to myself ;-) :X

OMGWTH. The project I just finished is being passed around about six of us right now, with me being the "wing man." LOL. I get a phone call from the guy who initially scripted it, before it fell into my lap, and we chat for a bit on the phone. Not too long after, I receive an e-mail reading "You work like an editor; but you SOUND like an artist."

I wrote back, "In THAT same vein, I could say you work like an I.T. guy, but sound like a phone sex operator." HAHAHA.




It was the sidekick of the guy with whom I spoke. So not only do I have to BEG HIM not to tell C what I said, but hope he doesn't take offense to it, since I er, mistook W for C.

GAWD. That'll teach him for guessing I'm an artist. Or something. LOLOL. Er, again, you'd have to be here to fully appreciate. :>


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