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Not much worse... ME than someone who knows EVERYTHING about "insert a specified field here", and yet hasn't worked DAY ONE in said business, but might've been a groupie, arguing about semantics yet not KNOWING the truth, while YOU really DO know the irrefutable truth and they PIT YOU INTO AN ARGUMENT you could've lived your entire life without. (Okay...this horrible, run-on sentence COULD BE just about as bad, but not quite.)

AND being obstinant about it. For many reasons. Being a man, #1. Being "perceivably older", #2. HELLO.

I swear to God and really, I hate saying this, but it's a man-thing. They HAVE TO BE RIGHT even though the truth could so obscure, they wouldn't recognize it if it slapped 'em in the face with a wet fish.

One of the BEAUTIFUL THINGS about being my age is...well, being my age. I DO KNOW more because I'VE BEEN HERE LONGER, number one, and two, I'VE DONE MORE THINGS, particularly in my chosen field/business. GAWD. If I can JUST resist the urge to kill with a wiffle bat (or any weapon for that matter). WOMEN don't do this. ONLY MEN. Ughhhhhhhhh.

The odd thing about making it TO THIS AGE is that I really didn't know what a dumbass (or jackass) I was until...hrm, about three years' ago. But even in the dumbass/jackass years, I would listen/learn and NOT be an obstinant asshole.

So there's a lil lesson to be learned from all this, even though it'll fall on deaf/the wrong ears. The OTHER BEAUTY about being THIS AGE is that I don't LOOK this age; and these guys think "Oh, well, I'm A MANLY-MAN and I'm OLDER, thus I KNOW MORE cuz she's a chick and she's blonde and she's YOUNGER!"



It might take a week, but the deed could be done with a plastic bat, or just my foot, repeatedly kicking/stomping/etc. Oh yes.


Carry on.


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