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Ewww...look at the TIME

Insomnia: The disease of girls with blue boyfriends.

What am I doing awake at this time of the nacht, considering how muy bizarre yesterday was?! So I want to make myself sleepy, read friends list...and now, am either feeling sorry for them, wanting to fight for them, or drop them a note because they didn't write today. Duh. I think it's time to pen that list I keep yappin' about.

Cujo in time-out
Baaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha. Today, K and I were outside, and noticed this blurry figure in the back of a mommobile. Yessssss it was Cujo! Heh. I assume my neighbor got the message. No more leaving Cujo alone when they're gone. :) The evil neighbors might let him out for a romp.

The weather was awesome today, despite forecasts. We drove with the top down in t-shirts. Ahhh...spring is near. Loverly. My favorite time of the year. A friend popped in and left to go out and meet buddies (no, this time I *wasn't* invited; so I'm thinking it was probably a date). I'm wondering why guys don't like telling girl friends they have dates? WE date (well, some do). So what's the prob? The visit was pleasurable; I just wish he didn't feel like he has to tell me lies...I don't get it. I hate being treated like the 'rest of the girls.' Argh!

K and dad date on V.D.
K went with her dad out to dinner last night. I was glad, because I knew she wanted to spend time with him, too. Er...they didn't have to take it so far, though. "Can she spend the night?" he asked. Oh okay. I'm supposed to be bad and say no? "Sweetheart?" I said, "If you want to spend the night over there, my feelings won't be hurt - I promise." She vascillated for a sec, and said she would, but was coming back in the morning (today, so whyyyyy AM I AWAKE?). Eeks. I think it was the huge chocolate lips that snapped me outta my sleep. GrRRrrr. I'm just waiting for that big sale :o)

I'm compelled to IM someone on my bud list, but don't want to disturb the Karmic balance of work. Heh. Maybe I just will. I need to find someone, however, who is boring; the last thing I need is a spirited, funny conversation to keep me awake all night.

Roger, Wilco.

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