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I'll take that credit, and raise you 50.

It's kind of a shame I can't take all the "rave reviews" of my wrecklessly written um...personal information and use them as examples of why I need to write.

Or why people should read. Or should not.

But that isn't really the question OR an answer.

If a few paragraphs garner that many compliments from such a diverse group, the REAL question is why the HELLETH have I not finished working on this monster that's bound to kill me?

Yeah. Need to get back to moving and forget about the book that haunts me. Although I'm not sure which haunts me MORE at this point. GrrRRrr.

Whomever has been trying to reach me from area code 704, I missed ya. Then again, dunno who you are so...yeah. My bad. :>

He tried last night, but I was passed slap out. Then, PH stopped by at a most inconvenient time today to drop off the microwave and french fries. I think I went overboard when I chastised him for not OH I DON'T KNOW THINKING ABOUT A SANDWICH TO GO WITH THEM? GahhhhhHHH. My liver IS still protein deficient. Geez.

Back to eeeet.
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