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Roughest day so far.

How glad am I that it's over?

However -- all day today, I've had constant phone entertainment from a delightful and unexpected source :> :D So moving mattresses, box springs and the never-ending quest for more quarters wasn't nearly as painful as it typically would be.

F and I did most of this alone. How will forever be a mystery. The piano is alone, in the dining room, looking kinda lonely. GOT to find a way to move that tomorrow. UghhHHhh.

Had to make a victor alpha run, too. THE JOY. Again (or as usual) they screwed up my scripts, so I though "pfft, skip the system", walked right into some doctor's office, explained my lil issue, and he straightened it out. Of course, all this ate two hours of precious time today.

My feet, hands, nose and eyes are SO sore. I've done so much laundry, the entire condo smells like Gain and fabric softener (in lieu of my favorite Pine Sol smell). My bedroom looks pristine. I should take pics, because tomorrow, eh gads. Ain't gonna be like that. But just as I surmised the /majority/ of crap overtaking my room were indeed movies, clothes and shoes. Most of my shoes made it into the back-door-shoe-hanger-thingy, and the movies are going to be boxed and tucked away into a closet. Most of them. The clothes have three closets now, so I won't have to worry about space. All that remains (besides the lone piano) are my knick knacks in the bedroom...but I shouldn't fool myself by calling them something so innocent, for they are legion. It'll take three good boxes to move all this surface crap, which doesn't even include my computer/stuff, filing cabinet, and desk which is solid wood (and extremely heavy). Weee. So much for a weekend rest.

I've been receiving sporadic calls from friends -- mostly out-of-state -- asking if things are going well, some of whom volunteered to come down and help. Awwww. How sweet.

But where, pray tell, was PH? Was he helping? Did he offer? HELLZ no; he was a no-show in every sense of the word, proving again that my decision was correct.

Speaking of...decisions. Okay, perhaps I shouldn't get in to all that. BUT WHY DO ALL THE GREAT GUYS HAVE TO LIVE IN OTHER STATES? Just sayin'.

Although we were paid today, I'm so broke it physically HURTS. I wanna cry, but that wouldn't do any good. Ugh. This move really has set me back HUGE. Well that, my car, etc. etc. (med/dental/MBPD issues). Not real happy about all that.

The good thing is I survived lifting EXTREMELY heavy things without help, and not ONE chest pain. Not even slightly. Clearly, my exercise is paying off. I was sort of leary and on edge when I began lifting and moving, but as the day progressed, I felt stronger and more confident.

I've lived through MUCH worse, after all.

Alright. Too tired to write any more, need sleep, need an I.V. drip with morphene, a headrub and food. Volunteers? Anyone? Bueller?


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Apr. 29th, 2006 03:32 am (UTC)
I've been receiving sporadic calls from friends -- mostly out-of-state -- asking if things are going well, some of whom volunteered to come down and help. Awwww. How sweet.

Would if I lived close enough. STILL don't have your number yet, or I'd call ya! (hint, hint!) ;-P E-mail me sometime.
( 1 spoke bravely — Whisper to me )


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