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While I'd love to say that just moving my clothes and computer over here are easy, and that's that, it looks like it's gonna be a more daunting chore than simply sliding that crap over.

Plus, there's the piano.


The shame of the poor piano is that I have MANY offers from people out-of-town who barely know me offering (and meaning it) to help move the piano; and ya know, I'm thinking about real-life friends who live right here who aren't even looking/thinking/asking about it.

Makes me want to divorce every single one of 'em. Just sayin'.

I've already "borrowed" Kelsey's t.v. (can't sleep without it...gawd)...and now, I'm on HER new phone line and computer. Don't think much updating will be done from now until next week.

At least let's all hope not. :>

Oh yeah; something BIT THE LIVING HELLA out of me. It wasn't just a little thing, either. It has a red ring around it, so I'm thinking some scary, deadly spider. Might have to check it out, if it continues hurting like it is. Eeks.


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