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Le Great Who-Deenie :)

Ex-choose me. I've been negligent with my journal this week, due to my absence from da crib. Of course, the heat doesn't work and cable mysteriously (thinking about the vicious call to Charter as we speak...or as I think or something).

Of course, the DISHWASHER is fixed. Wooo HOO. Thank God. :) Not that I've been here to mess any up, but you know how it is. So everything's in order...the grass is cut, the crib is clean, groceries are (half) bought (wasn't I there during my LAST journal entry? it nevah ends), and K and I are planning on an uneventful weekend. :D Pumpkin carving is out; lounging around is in.

Haunted Houses?

I'm thinking 10 is too young for haunted houses. And besides -- K's imagination is just as vivid as mine was at her age. She'd no doubt enjoy the Jaycee freaks all dressed up, but would be haunted by nightmares afterwards. And I KNOW how um...uncomfortable it is to sleep with her. She's a cover-hogger, pusher, and pillow thief (but sooooo sweet when she firsts goes to sleep!). The NERVE. I did, however, promise her a slumber it's perhaps inevitable. :D She continues to threaten to bite me...and has snapped a few times already since I picked her up. I'm gonna have to wire those jaws shut if she doesn't QUIT.

No interesting news to report, so I'll keep this brief. Still struggling with my current situation (while also going to see a great doc). Work is a snore, life is...different, and right now, I want to spend time with my leetle one. We're experimenting in the kitchen (or should I say she?). I'm teaching her how to make Jaegerschnitzel...yum.

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