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Pulp Fiction's Ever-Famous...Esmarelda?!?!

What Pulp Fiction Ph-areak Are You?.

You're a hardworking individual enshrouded by an overwhelming sense of mystery, beauty, and intrigue. Though always on the go, you keep focused, helping - mostly enrapturing - those you meet.

Who the hell was this chick!?</a>

Um...I don't remember Esmarelda from Pulp Fiction. Whooooo was she?! Ach. We definitely have no physical similarities. I think I'm unaware of any chicks other than Rosanne Arquette, and what's her name...(keep forgetting it...duh). There was a wife implicated; but we never saw her.

Phone calls made, messages left, judge called, attorney? Maybe

All is taken care of and I'm working steadfastly, although feverishly, on my C.V. I DON'T FEEL WELL! *WHINE* Yes, I'd like some cheese with that, thank you. :D I'm not out of the woods yet, even though my body thought so early this morning. That's what I GET for announcing how 'well' I am, and then, tumbling down the stairs like the meat puppet I am. *pout*

Soooo terribly bored
Thank God I had to leave messages today. I've lined them up like purty little dancers to call me back tomorrow. By then, I should speak semi-decent English (am on Z-pac as was advised by my good buddy C.G.). Argh. Hard to swallow again, so it's back to liquids. Yeah, I'm rambling. But it's okay, because I have nothing better to do than take breaks from this painful C.V. and wait on phone calls. talkin' to me?
I know you're not. Because you didn't say it to my face. I realize my Billy the Kid icon is quite ominous and frightening; but if you read about him, it was all self-defense! In reality, I'm much more dangerous...heh. FEAR ME.

Everyone's snowed in, and we're just getting crapped out weather guaranteed to make your joints ache and your fever hang out for one day longer than it should. Goody. I look like total crap, and am thanking GOD I made no plans for today. Don't feel like doing anything other than taking care of this business, and craaaawling back to bed.

*Note to self: Next appliance purchase should be a compact fridge for upstairs

Roger, Wilco, OUT.

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