Creeping Through The Cellar Door (none_too_subtle) wrote,
Creeping Through The Cellar Door

Yay it's MONDAY JR.

ACK. Was about to hop in the elevator (after my morning, ritualistic walk with uberobersupervisormeister), and there was a large gathering of people (these were normal-sized...not lunch-sized). So whoooooooo was coming in around this time, getting on MY ELEVATOR? REY JORGE. *sobs* 

Ohhhhhhhhhh, George. There's just no gettiin' over you. Bleh. 

I once asked him:  "So...does your name bother you?" thinking, you know, George isn't the sexiest of names, and he looked at me as if that question was unusual. I'm just sayin'. in of the jungle? Yeah, so I've made an honorary icon just for him, because there's an author who shares his name. Feel free to Google him and ask him WHY O WHY?

In other news, the new translator is great! I'm sure I mentioned it, but the more I get to know her, the more I like her :D She's right next to me, so she's coming "out of her shell" and talking more. She just moved here from Puerto Rico (WHY O WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT??). She's REALLY pretty. Dark, almond skin, and these green eyes that are shocking (she's black, with this really unique/beautiful coloring). I wanna ask her about her parents, but that's probably rude at this juncture. She's engaged, and I wanna ask about all that, too. But most important (and I DID ASK about this) is WHY LEAVE PUERTO RICO? WHYYYY? WHYYY? The people are so GORGEOUS and the weather is beautiful! Poor chica. :> 

Oh yeah. Watched "Memoirs of a Geisha" and think that oriental people are the most beautiful on the planet and I WANNA BE ONE, BUT OH NO.

Move along. There's nothing to see here.

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