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This plague

...is never going away. I've been hacking up some of the scariest stuff, um, ever over the past few weeks, and I'm STILL sick. Still running a fever, still coughing that crap up, and yesterday actually got SICK. I /rarely/ get nauseated (or rarely do I um...yeah). So something's VERY wrong with me besides what I say in here.  I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the "group" that now gets together because of Viggo. No wait -- I've gotta change his name, because ever since he chopped off his mane, got a high and tight, I could barely RECOGNIZE him. Sooooooo not Viggo anymore! He's just this boring-looking guy. How sad...lol. :> Still, this dubious group gets together twice a week at one of the round tables by the fountain, with books (I'm assuming bibles), and have prayer and discussion. Um... You know...if you really want to affect change as a Christian, wouldn't it be more appropriate to hit up on the people who need help, instead of isolating in your little group? I'm just sayin'. Makes no sense to me. I didn't, however, let their group get in the way of my phone fun. I'm so sore that I'm seriously thinking about going to see a doctor. Yup, it's THAT bad. Not good. Don't ask (no, it's not interesting, either).  Last night, I think I got my quota of protein. I ate at least two pounds of red meat. LOL. Neeeeeeeeext. The day before, I had half a box of graham crackers. I suppose today, I should get some broccoli and go to town. Maybe in a week, I'll have eaten my quota of...whatever nutrients one should get in their diet...now if I could just put it all together in A MEAL it might make sense. :> This year has turned out to be...um...a serious disappointment in so many ways. I won't count 'em down, because (a) what's the point?; (b) it would hurt someone's feelings on my f'list; and (c) I'm surprised because?! This was a new year only yesterday. Time has flown by SO FAST that each day, in retrospect, and each "new" person I've met/gone out with seems like a HUGE waste of my time, with NO exceptions. Of course, I could always cop out and say "but I work too much, then I need sleep, and, and, and I'm sick!" but I'm not, because I know better. I've not met anyone interesting (well, one who was moderately interesting, but turned out to be a big ole liar), and feel like if I don't start socializing like "normal" people, every year will be like this. The BIG disappointment was, ironically, an El Jayer. Nada more to say about that, only that I should remember my OWN advice... :> Not that there was anything wrong with aforementioned just...disappointing...in a "oh noes, bad personality alert" kinda way. Perhaps I shouldn't journal when I'm sick, because it's almost like when I'm on Klonopin; I say way too much, speak too many truths, some of which are brutal. Of course, I'm saving the really good ruminations for a private entry (as usual), so I can at least get it out. *le sigh* ... In other news...I /finally/ got rid of my LAST PASSWORD that was associated with that fruitloop I dated. At work, we have to have five passwords for different systems (WHATTA THE...). I've been literally WAITING for that one to roll around, just so I could change it. I'm sticking with exes' names from now on. :D Well, the /GOOD/ exes. They're eaiser to remember, and er..."help" in those "efforts I've been making" at home. No. Don't ask ;-) Alllllllrighty. It's time for me to back away slowly from the keyboard, before I have to put myself in time out, or find someone to give me the spanking I so richly deserve. *snort* That is all. Git.


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